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Avocado Fantasy Football Start Point

Okay so we have 12 teams in place at the moment and I would like to say sorry about the people I didn’t get in this time, I was busy at work all throughout this and didn’t get the chance to ask if we can expand, so hopefully next year. To reiterate, below are the teams…

Team GLORIOUS: Harvey Dent

Need IV Snead: Kappa

Ol’ Dirty Beckhams: awingedpotato

Mexi-Mart Rams: Meximart

Dan’s De-Niners: Dan

Pecan Sandies: NUME

Sneaky Athletic: Sludge

Ballsdeepinyourpunt: Allison

Jon Hamm’s Beck Ham: jonhamm’sjonham

Viva El Ron Mexico: eltneg

Playoffs?!: Emperor Snapper

Yardcaptor Saquon: Occam’s Blazer

League site:

Right now as talked about in the last thread (here: ) and the chat in the Yahoo Fantasy App (it’s good to download!), we currently have a draft time for this Sunday, August 25th, at 3 PM EST.

If this is not good for you, please let me know and I’ll adjust to make a better time for everybody. Ideally it would just be the next Sunday or something, but I know Sludge has another draft then so hopefully not. But I’ll make things work if necessary.

Image above is Frank Gore because he rules and is going 15 years strong on no knees and no shoulders.