Avocado Fantasy Football 2019


It’s a new fantasy year everybody. I’m your commissioner Harvey Dent, and I am here to provide another year of failure for myself/hopeful success for the rest of you.

League Page URL: https://football.fantasysports.yahoo.com/f1/367161

I’m slow as hell at getting to this but I have, and that is what matters. Now like last year and the year before and the year before, I want to try and do 12 teams again. You still don’t need to follow much if you want to do it, it’s just for fun above all else and nobody is gonna get killed for slumping, just to start. Also, I do promise to do a thread each week on Tuesday/Wednesday (depending on how bogged down I am at work), so a reiteration of that.

Now to start, here are the people in last year’s league and their status as of now…

Team GLORIOUS: Me, Harvey Dent (I am returning with a better name this year)

Need IV Snead: Kappa (in)

Ol’ Dirty Beckhams: awingedpotato (in)

Mexi-Mart Rams: Meximart (in)

Dan’s De-Niners: Dan (in)

Pecan Sandies: NUME (no status update as of now)

Sneaky Athletic: Sludge (in)

Ballsdeepinyourpunt: Allison (in)

Jon Hamm’s Beck Ham: jonhamm’sjonham (in)

Viva El Ron Mexico: eltneg (I’ll just make him stay in again like last year)

Playoffs?!: Emperor Snapper (in)

Saquon So Pleased: Zero (dropped out officially); Officially replaced by Blazer

So as of right now, we have 5 I need updates on, 1 spot to completely replace, a few I need extra confirmation on, and well Sludge/me. Please respond below on that, and if anyone is interested in joining, also comment/I will send you an invite for the open spot. Probably. I promise it’s fun.

As for start times, I’m aiming for a Sunday afternoon again, so like August 25th or something like that. Right before the season starts too would work, so September 1st if need be.

Now to close, here is me attempting to get responses…