Werewolf 79: The War on Xmas – Day 5

The woman had been waiting for her order for what felt like days. She had asked to speak to the manager, she had paced back and forth like a caged zoo animal, and she had even left some withering reviews on Yelp under different anagrams of her full name.

When her true name was finally called (albeit mispronounced), she wandered over to the end of the counter and grabbed her red cup. Having no remaining faith in their competence, she lifted the lid to inspect her beverage and was met with a torrent of glitter.

Lindsay (THAT Customer) has been glitter-bombed. She is still alive, as this has no bearing on the game.

Young Tina was spending her break window shopping at Kay Bee Toys. She no longer believed in Santa, but she still believed in presents. When a kindly old man approached her with a sack of gifts and asked if she wanted one, she didn’t care that he was dressed like Santa Clause. She wanted the loot.

Leaning over to inspect the bag, she soon found herself engulfed in it, her only company being a few rocks that were inside. Not much later the sack was thrown into the lake, child and all.

Thoughts (Tina) has died. She was the Former Manager on Duty (now Vanilla Townie).

The next day, after a quick headcount, the baristas realized they were one short, even with all the recent murder shenanigans. They later found Scut Farkus in the parking lot, his fingers broken by nutcrackers, and his tongue bolted to a light post.

Goat (Scut Farkus) has died. He was the Mall Security Guard (Jailer). He did not pass on his role before he died.

Day 5 ends on Thursday at 10 PM, CST.

5 Loyal Employees (Vanilla Townies)
1 Manager on Duty (Investigator)
1 Committee Member (Wolf)
1 Mall Santa (Serial Killer)

Robert Post’s Child
Josephus Brown

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