Werewolf 79: The War on Xmas – Day 4

When P.I. Emerson came to, he found his arms and legs tied to four different sleds. He thought he recognized the pair of figures standing over him, but as he tried to call out to them, the words were garbled by the stocking stuffed in his mouth.

They eyed him with a mix of pity and disgust. For a minute the only noises in that abandoned grove were the sounds of their breathing, and finally the word “Mush!”

Some days later, limbs were discovered two miles north, south, east, and west of the local forest preserve. The torso lay where they left it.

Louie (P.I. Emerson) has died. He was a Loyal Employee (Vanilla Townie).

Carmilla was taking out the trash before her shift had ended when she noticed an old man ringing a bell outside. He was selling candy canes for charity, and despite her tough exterior, she was not without compassion.

She approached him with a dollar in her hand when she felt something pierce her heart. The candy cane had been sharpened to a fine point, and in her last moments she recognized the person beneath the red suit.

Moonstermash (Carmilla) has died. She was a Loyal Employee (Vanilla Townie).

At the end of his shift, Tiny Tim went to the back room to get his coat, when he noticed a small box with his name on it. On the side of the box was a small crank, and, perhaps against his better judgement, he started to turn it. A tune started to play, and just as it had reached its final note…

A toy clown sprang out. It was holding a cookie.

The next day the remaining employees trundled in, covered in sleet, snow, and in Wednesday’s case, a metric fuck-ton of glitter.

Josephus (Odin) has been glitter-bombed. He is still alive, as this has no bearing on the game.

Day 4 ends on Wednesday at 10 PM, CST.

6 Loyal Employees (Vanilla Townies)
1 Mall Security Guard (Jailer)
1 Manager on Duty (Investigator)
2 Committee Members (Wolves)
1 Mall Santa (Serial Killer)

Robert Post’s Child
Josephus Brown

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