Werewolf 79: The War on Xmas – Day 3

Ebony Scrooge had finished her shift at Starbucks and was about to drive to charity event. She hated these things, but since becoming a barista, she was a bit less picky about the gigs she took. If singing at this could bring her a bit closer back to pop stardom, well then so be it.

On the passenger’s seat she found a neatly wrapped box. A less vain person might be suspicious of a package appearing in their car. But Ebony was flattered. She lifted the lid, and the next three seconds were like her career in microcosm: a spark, a bright flash, an explosion, and then…ash.

Sister Jude (Ebony Scrooge) has died. They were a Loyal Employee (Vanilla Townie).

Little Anna was typing away at her computer, asking the Internet the questions that had most troubled her. Was Santa real? Could he really know if she was naughty or nice? Why in Saturn’s name would her parents let her on Reddit?

Her bedtime approached when she heard a knock on the door. On her doorstep she found a bright red box with a bow on top. She was skeptical, but she was still eight years old; would you have left it where it was?

Anna picked up the parcel and brought it inside. With impatience befitting someone her age, she ripped open the wrapping paper and threw off the lid of the box. For a brief moment her living room resembled a snow globe that she used to play with.

Annanomally has been glitter-bombed. She is still alive, as this has no bearing on the game.

The next morning as the employees trundled into work, an advent calendar was was hanging in the back room. Scut Farkus was too impatient to wait for Christmas, and Tiny Tim hadn’t eaten in such a long time. They started opening the small windows, hoping to gorge themselves on the chocolate within.

But instead of candy, every nook of the advent calendar seemed to contain…bones. A finger here, a broken rib there, and by the time they pulled them all out they could just reconstruct their pal Jack.

Jake (Jack Skellington) has died. She was a Loyal Employee (Vanilla Townie).

Day 3 ends on Tuesday at 10 PM CST.

9 Loyal Employees (Vanilla Townies)
1 Mall Security Guard (Jailer)
1 Manager on Duty (Investigator)
2 Committee Members (Wolves)
1 Mall Santa (Serial Killer)

Robert Post’s Child
Josephus Brown
Dr. Nick