Werewolf 79: The War on Xmas – Day 2

In the back of an empty Sears, an impossibly pretty man is tied to a chair with decorative garland. A trio of figures stand around him, beating him with a stocking filled with change from the tip jar.

“This could be over so quickly if you just told us what we wanted to know.”

“I have no idea what you’re talking about. Thank you for your patronage and happy hol…”

“WHAT” *thwap*

“ARE” *thwap*

“YOU” *thwap*


A silence fell over the abandoned Sears. It was the middle of business hours; no one was around.

“…Boss. I don’t think he’s breathing.”

Snugglewumps (Bucky) has died. She was a Loyal Employee (Vanilla Townie).

Their shift would be starting soon. And suddenly the three of them realized they were missing a member. Where had Venom gone?

They would later find him swinging from the rafters in one of the cavernous dressing rooms, the Christmas light noose making him look like a piñata.

dw (Venom) has died. He was a Member of the Very Merry Nativity Committee (Wolf).

Later on, as all 17 remaining employees were starting their shift, Scut Farkus bent down to tie his shoe. Before he knew it, the hair on the back of his head was standing up, and as he raised his head to face his attacker, his eyes were blinded by sparkles.

Goat (Scut Farkus) has been glitter-bombed. He is still alive, as this has no bearing on the game.

At the front of the line stood a woman who had been there for three hours, demanding to speak to the manager. Across the chasm of time and space, past the divide between this world and the next, a single orange sailed through the air and smacked her squarely in the face. Who is to say she deserved it?

Day 2 ends on Monday at 6 PM CST.

11 Loyal Employees (Vanilla Townies)
1 Mall Security Guard (Jailer)
1 Manager on Duty (Investigator)
3 Committee Members (Wolves)
1 Mall Santa (Serial Killer)

Robert Post’s Child
Sister Jude
Josephus Brown
Dr. Nick