Legends of Tomorrow: S4 Character Rankings

With Legends of Tomorrow going on midseason hiatus, I decided that an article was necessary. I should disable comments, because these rankings are objectively correct, but I’ll leave this open so that people can agree with these rankings. Also I do not know how to disable comments.

It goes without saying that there will be spoilers throughout. Read at your own risk.

So, the rankings:

11) Hank


Hank is fine. He’s not a bad character so much as a stock one – the Disappointed Boomer Dad. I think he has a place on the show, and Thomas Wilson is a natural casting choice. But he’s more an aspect of Nate than anything else. Him actually bonding with Nate a little and accepting the Legends has been nice to see, though it still feels like he’s a serious version of Ted Knight’s Caddyshack character.

The show deserves some kind of award for not having him make a time travel joke. Yet.

10) Mona


Mona is more incomplete than anything. I think her initial appearance went full on fangirl and didn’t really work for me, but she’s settled in some and fits with the Time Bureau team. Her seeing law school as a last resort because she wants to work with monsters is kind of an inspired career choice.

I don’t know if I want her to get together with Gary, Sexy Wolfman, or TBD. I did enjoy her wanting to get back at the Custodians for (spoiler) turning her friend into a rug.

9) Gary


He’s a joke character, but what a joke character. I can’t rank him over someone with an actual storyline but I enjoy his appearances, and being the punchline to “where are we going to find a virgin” was equally expected and hilarious. He and Nate honestly make a good team.

Charlie-as-Gary was a nice bit for him last week, as the actor actually got to be on the inside of a joke for once.

Yes, I should use an in-character picture, but come on, just look at this guy.

8) Charlie


Maybe I’m still warming up to Charlie. She did really well with her spotlight in “Meow Meow”, and getting MRS back on the show in this way was undeniably clever. Possible she could move up in the second half of the season, but I have my doubts, just because I like everyone else so much.

There is a part of me that wishes they had kept the original actress, from the punk band, around. I do hope she gets some more scenes with Ray, or that they let MRS and Ray interact some. Their history from London was just too good to leave alone.

7) Ava


Now we’re getting somewhere. The other characters have been good, but I feel like Ava is kind of the threshold for who the show would legitimately miss. (I mean, Gary in his own way, but maybe not as much.)

I really like her and Sara together. She’s also good as Serious Boss, and the balance of the two make her work as a character. I’d love to see her get some more stories of her own, and be less an extension of Sara. But I am enjoying her presence. Her ability to deliver humorous lines with a straight face makes a lot of scenes work.

6) Nate


I’ll admit Nate might be my least favorite of the OG legends. He’s not bad so much as simple. But I like his friendship with Ray, and honestly, him growing up this season has been really great for the character. I like the Nate/Gary teamups, and him becoming mostly responsible is a good fit for the Time Bureau.

I loved him chewing gum and mugging his way through the first segment of “Meow Meow”. He’d honestly make a good substitute leader if Sara becomes a cat for a couple weeks. (Please never take Sara away from us.) And him coming back to the Waverider for pizza was a small triumph for the character, showing that he had really made good on his promise to help the Bureau.

Also I can totally picture Thomas Wilson as his dad.

5) Mick


This show needs Mick. His willingness to pick petty arguments and antagonize most anyone is both completely consistent with his character, and a necessary plot element. He’s kind of a wildcard, but his serious moments always feel earned. I really liked him bonding with Charlie over booze (what else).

Mick the writer has been a decent joke subplot, too. I feel like Mick’s Reading Glasses would be a corner square in Legends Bingo. Dominic Purcell has come a long way from being the serious Heat Wave on The Flash, and we’re so much better for it.

4) Sara

Sara Birthday

It pains me to put Sara Lance so low. It really does. But I think she’s settled down a little this season. She’s not worse off for it, I just think I’ve been enjoying the top 3 a little more.

Sara Lance is a great TV character, no question. She’s a very capable leader, an extremely competent fighter, and indulgent enough to be enjoyable. I love that she’s allowed to be openly sexual without being defined by it. I can’t imagine the show without her, honestly.

Her relationship with Ava is kind of beautiful. Her surprise visit to the Bureau for Ava’s birthday was a classic scene. And few things have made me laugh as much as Sara and Ava making out while peeling out in the S.O.S theme song/intro.

I should be above posting this, but come on.

Sara hair.gif

3) Ray


I feel like Ray has been holding a lot of things together this season. He carried the London episode, and his willingness to be a total square puts him somewhere that nobody else on the show can touch. (Gary, maybe, but it’s not the same.)

This season has had a lot of great Ray moments already: camp counselor Ray, punk Ray, even trigger happy douche Ray. I’m really enjoying the enthusiastic Ray, and he’s a good pair with almost anyone on the show. He and Nora Dahrk have a nice little romance going. I guess the show can have one normal straight romance, I’ll tolerate it.

2) Constantine


I’ll be honest, this show needs Sara and Ray more than it needs Constantine. But I have to rank him higher, just for being John Constantine on a show as goofy as Legends and making it work.

I’m thrilled by how true to character he is. Allowing him to be openly bisexual and to have cigarettes – even if we never see him smoke them – does so much for making the character work. Matt Ryan is perfect in this role. He really gives us the tormented mess that is Constantine.

So maybe Constantine isn’t quite the Legend that some of the others are. But I think making this character work has a very high degree of difficulty, and it’s totally being pulled off. That itself is a tremendous success alone, and successfully integrating him into the Legends is no small feat.

Please, give us more camp counselor Constantine, with his smokes rolled up in his sleeve and his popped collar.

1) Zari

Zari Gideon

I’m just thrilled with her this season. She has managed to be a serious character on a decidedly unserious show and she is making it work. Her brand of no nonsense and her little reactions are priceless. I think that what she achieves is so easy to screw up, and she is a completely natural fit with the team.

Zari going to London with Constantine gave us some good humor (accusing John of trying to pick up his mother, explaining to John the paradox of trying to prevent your own birth), but it also gave us the scene of showing Constantine her own mother, and allowing her doomed past to happen for the greater good. This is the kind of thing that defines a character, and damned if it didn’t work for me.

I’d honestly be happy if she was only serious without being a killjoy. But those moments when she gets a joke – even just a shrug – are always worth it. Her reactions after being returned to human in “Meow Meow” were some of the best lines in the season so far. (I am still laughing at her calling the Legends dicks, or explaining her cat tongue, much less sitting in the kitty backpack.)


Plus, it seems like her hair gets better every week. But honestly, she deserves first place, because none of the other characters have been a cat.

Hurry up, April! Who knows how many episodes I’ll rewatch until the show returns.