Young Avengers #1

Hello everybody! Some members of the avocado are doing a shared Marvel Universe thing. This is mine. The first few I will be trying writing different styles to see which one like so heads up on that.


PAGE ONE: Seven panels

Top half of the page is on big panel of a a brownstone building.

Text box: Hidden SHIELD Base Delta 4.

Bottom half of the page is six panels of Nico, Pixie, Ms. Marvel, Hulkling, Iron Lad, Karolina all under a spot light in a dark room. A shadow of person is the room talking.

Dialog: Look we know it wasn’t done on purpose. It was an accident. Just tell us why you are helping him? Did he trick you? Blackmail? Promise you something you want? Just tell us why you would be on a team with him-

PAGE TWO: One panel. Title of the Issue. Trouble with Bubbles!

Loki is siting there. Anger across his face.

Dialog from the shadow outside the panel: Loki why did you do it? And what is the reason with the kids being involved? Undo it and let the kids go.

Loki: I told you! We didn’t do it! We help people not this! Why do you think we did?

PAGE THREE: Three panels.

Panel one: The shadow is revealed to be Maria Hill

Hill: A big bubble of unknown origin has appeared in upstate New York. Trapping people inside.

Loki: Yeah, I know I was there so were others why are they not in here as well?

Panel Two: Side shot of Hill and Loki staring at each other across the table.

Hill: What is the plan by doing this? What is your game this time?

Loki: I don’t have a game or plan! I didn’t do this! My team didn’t do this! We were framed!

Panel three: Close up on Hill

Hill: I don’t believe you! All evidence points towards you. Its you and you should never be trusted. We will just have to see what your so called “team” says.

PAGE FOUR: Six panels.  Nico, Pixie, Hulkling, Iron Lad, Karolina all looking straight on.  Ms. Marvel looking worried and nervous.

Nico: Framed

Hulkling: Didn’t do it.

Pixie: Of course you think the mutant did it.

Iron Lad: You have the wrong people.

Karolina: Don’t blame us. Nico is okay, right?

Ms. Marvel: No we didn’t. Well, I didn’t. I don’t know. I just meet them today. Can I go now?

PAGE FIVE: Two Panels

Panel one: A SHIELD agent runs up to Maria in the Hall way

Agent: Have you gotten any info from the perps?

Hill: They are kids and in over their heads, don’t forget that. Lets see if the have gotten anywhere with the bubble thing.

Panel Two: Maria hill walks away.

PAGE SIX: Four panels all the same shot with differences.

Panel one: A aerial shot of some suburbs in the mid-morning light.

Text Box: This morning

Panel two: Same shot as one, but with now a blast of rainbow light and a blast of white energy shooting up in the air.

Panel three: Same as panel one.

Panel four:  Now a bunch of explosions and blast of energy.

PAGE SEVEN: One panel

Panel one: A big shot of the team minus Ms. Marvel standing in the street facing a bunch of  people in very basic looking grunts full body suits moving toward them. They are heavily out numbered. Some damage do the the area.

Hulkling: So who are these guys and what do they want?

PAGE EIGHT: Four panels each taking a quarter of the of the page.

Panel one: Iron lad in the back ground shooting a blast and Hulkling in the front punching a guy.

Iron Lad: Don’t know Teddy. Fight first question later.

Panel Two: Loki and Pixie fighting some more. Loki casting magic and Pixie cutting at them with her soul dagger.

Loki: Nico, Karolina one of you deal with the group coming in from the north.

Panel three: Nico and Karolina fighting. Nico hitting a guy with her staff and Karolina shooting a guy behind Nico.

Karolina: Nico Behind you.

Nico: Thanks but I had it.

Panel four: Three guys moving in.

Loki: Why don’t you two listen they are almost here and we are being swarmed. We need to pull back

PAGE NINE and TEN: A double splash page. Ms. Marvel appears as a giant, punching the three with a fist as she smash down on another group.


PAGE ELEVEN:  Three panels

Panel One: Nico and Karolina staring at Ms. Marvel

Nico: Who is that?

Karolina: I have no idea. A ally I guess.

Panel Two: Ms. Marvel fighting some of them.

Marvel: Who are these guys and who are you?

Panel Three: Long shot of Loki and Iron lad next to each other fighting.

Loki: We are the Young Avengers! These guys? Have no idea.

Iron Lad: Fight now, question later.

PAGE TWELVE: Two panels

Panel one: Hulkling and Pixie fighting back to back.

Pixie:  Anyone else notice that there are less than before.

Hulkling: Maybe we are just getting to the end?

Pixie: I don’t think that’s it.

Hulkling: I know, trying to be positive. They are up to something. Fly up and see if you can see anything.

Panel Two: Pixie in flying up and Hulking throwing one enemy into another.


Panel one: Pixie flying up and coming to a stop.

Panel Two: Pixie looks around.

Panel Three: Pixie see some minions crowding around something.

Panel Four: A close up on the crowd. Its shown that its a bomb being set up.

Pixie: Everyone! A block over a bomb is about to go off.

Panel Five: Loki looking shocked.

Loki: We need to stop it before it goes off. Pixie get us there

PAGE FOURTEEN:  Seven panels

Panel one: Pixie teleporting everyone a to the bomb.

Panel Two: A close up on the bomb and the timer is about to go off.

Marvel: Its going to blow someone do something.

Panel Three: Pixie trying to teleport it away.

Pixie: Got it.

Panel Four: Nico casting a spell.

Nico: Disarm

Panel Five: Iron Lad putting up a shield around it.

Iron Lad: I can contain it.

Panel Six: Loki casting magic


Panel Seven: All of the things hitting the bomb at the same time.

PAGE FIFTEEN: Three panels

Panel one: Shot of the suburb in the air a distance away.

Panel Two: Same but with the bomb and a bunch of different colors around it.

Panel Three: The bomb goes off.

PAGE SIXTEEN: Two panels

Panel one: Small panel of everyone looking shocked

Panel two: Most of the page. A giant dome semi-translucent over the suburb.

Nico: Oh crud we are in so much trouble.


Panel one: Iron lad sitting in a chair

Iron Lad: Everyone, I just hacked into the system and got our coms back online. Also I just disabled the locks to the doors we can get out. Meet in the hallway.

Panel Two: All of them meeting in the hallway.

Loki: While I like getting out who put you in charge.

Iron lad: Someone needed to get us out, and I did.

Loki: Look here, Nathaniel I am-

Karolina: Not now, both of you we need to get out of here.

Panel Three: Hulkling opening a door.

Pixie: Teddy what are you doing.

Hulkling: Breaking our new friend out! They didn’t have a comm.

Panel Four: Hulking a door to Ms. Marvel.

Hulkling: Come on we are leaving.

Ms. Marvel: No I am innocent. You guys are not. If I stay I can go home soon.

Hulkling: You sure cause they did just lock you up with us and didn’t listen when you told them we just met right?

Panel Five: Ms Marvel sitting there thinking.

Panel Six.: Ms Marvel getting up.

Marvel: Your right lets get out of here.

PAGE EIGHTEEN: Four panels

Panel one: All of them running down a hall.

Marvel: Whats are we doing.

Loki: We are going to find out who framed us and why. Then beat them up and turn them in and clear our names. First though is getting out of here. Let get to the roof.

Panel Two: First person view of a hall

Panel Three: Taking a corner.

Panel Four: Wolverine standing there.

Nico: Damnit.

Wolverine: Hey, bubs just stop.


Panel one: Karolina shooting wolverine in the face with a blast of energy.

Karolina: Got it. Someone hit him while he can’t see.

Panel two: Hulking punches wolverine though the wall.

Hulkling: On it.

Panel Three: Outside shot of wolverine falling down a few stories.

Panel four: All of them running up some stairs.

Hulkling: Hope I didn’t really hurt him that much.

Marvel: Hes fine. I know he has gone through worse. Loki alone has done worse to him.

Loki: Old me before I died. Not the new me. Doesn’t count. Lets keep moving.


Panel one: Long shot of them running on to the roof.

Nico: Okay, Loki your the brains now what?

Loki: Pixie get us out of here.

Panel two: Pixie tires to teleport.

Pixie: I can’t, something is stopping me.

Voice: That would be the teleport blockers.

Panel three: Iron Man, War Machine, Rescue, and a fair number of iron drones are shown flying above them.

Iron Man: Teleporting is a pain when you are trying to keep suspects to question them. Just come inside we can talk about this and solve it. You made Sentry cry.

Panel four: Everyone getting ready for a fight.

Loki: We made Sentry cry? Cool. Its not hard to do, but fun.

Iron Man: I wouldn’t try fighting, you are out numbered and out skilled in that.

Panel five: Nico cuts herself with her nail.

Nico: I have an idea. When blood is shed… Let The Staff of One emerge

Panel Six: Nico points the staff at the sky

Nico: Deactivate


Panel one: All of the people in armor and the drones fall down, including Iron lad.

Nico: That sort of worked.

Karolina: It was a good idea.

Marvel: Now what, we still can’t teleport.

Voice from off screen: I can help

Panel two: A young man standing next to an open ship

Nico and Karolina: Chase and the Leapfrog.

Loki: What are you doing here?

Chase: Your knocked out friend called me. Do you want a ride or not.

Panel Three: Everyone moving toward the leap frog.

Loki: Never look a gift in the mouth or whatever. Lets go.

Panel Four: Hulkling and Ms. Marvel picking up Iron lad.

Hulkling: Lets go, savior .

Panel five: Iron man’s head.

Text box for computer voice: Reboot finished.

Panel six: Iron man, War Machine and Rescue standing. The drones are starting to get up.

Iron Man: Where did they go?

War Machine: I have no idea.


Panel one: Inside of the Leapfrog. Its a little crowded.

Karolina: Thanks for the save Chase. We were screwed.

Pixie: Won’t they just follow this or shoot us down?

Chase: No worries, my girl here is invisible and cloaked we will be fine.

Panel Two: Close up on Ms. Marvel

Ms. Marvel: So whats the plan? Were are we going? Why are you all on a team with the guy you cause the Avengers to form in the first place? Who framed us and why?

Panel three: Close up on Loki.

Loki: First old me was the cause of the avengers. He died. I am new and a good person. Second we find a place to lie low and think. Third, not sure when we formed the team. Fourth we will find out who and why.

Marvel: And help people alone the way

Panel four: Shot of everyone looking tired and depressed.

Chase: I got a place to hide.

Panel five:  Shot of the Leapfrog in the air.

Karolina: Better be better than the last place you had.

Nico: No kidding. That was disgusting. I am getting sick just remembering it.

Chase: Its better, just trust me.

Pixie: Do I want to know? I don’t think I want to know.

Text at the bottom corner: To be continued…