The Hydrogen Day Thread

Hydrogen is the ur-element, the element from which all others are eventually formed (directly or indirectly)  through nuclear fusion. All rise for educational content:

Hydrogen consists of one electron orbiting one proton. (A neutron is an optional accessory.) At the end of the Big Bang, most of the observable matter in the universe was hydrogen – something on the order of 90%, with the rest being helium (element #2) and trace amounts of lithium (element #3).

Hydrogen naturally forms diatomic bonds with itself, which means that you find hydrogen atoms in H2 pairs. (Oxygen also forms diatomic O2 pairs.) Loose hydrogen is rare on Earth, though. Because it’s lighter than air, it floats to the top of the atmosphere and is blown away by the solar wind.

In conclusion, here is a very important diagram about hydrogen as a superhero or something that I found when trying to figure out which elements were discovered by which countries.