Pop Culture Confessions: With Regrets

First off, apologies for not posting last week. Thanks to a combination of over-sensitive sinuses and the weird weather changes we’re having, I was home with headaches.

On to the topic at hand. While we all are voracious consumers of pop culture, there is at least one thing that we regret. Maybe you missed the original run of Breaking Bad and had everything spoiled for you before you had the chance to watch it. Or you got your hopes way, way, WAY up for a new Guns N’ Roses album, only to have Chinese Democracy dropped on you. Or you saw A Quiet Place in a theater with your friend who talked through the whole movie.

So this week’s question: what is your biggest pop culture related regret? Note: this is slightly different than one from a couple of months ago around what you regret getting into, so try to stay out of that realm.

I’m not as into music as most people are, but my one big musical regret is never seeing AC/DC live. Granted, I grew up on the Brian Johnson vocals, so I never had a chance to see the original group anyway, but still, I had wanted to see them in concert. I’d always heard they were a great live show but, for one reason or another, I’d never made it out to see them. Now, with Malcolm Young gone and Brian Johnson’s hearing problems, I think I might have missed my opportunity. For a band that has toured constantly over their career, they have no tour dates listed.