Best Worst Movies Tournament: Round Three

As the brackets increasingly narrow to a field between the late ’80s and early ’00s, I’m reconsidering the guidelines. Of course I won’t change anything now, but if I were to do this again, I think I’d put in a quality cap. If everything with an IMDb score of 6.0 or higher were eliminated, it would rule out most of the “trashy” bad movies.

To me, the distinction between “so bad it’s good” and “trashy” is whether or not you watch a movie specifically because it’s bad. (Most) people don’t watch The Mummy or Con Air specifically because they’re bad; they watch them because the badness is a component in the fun. By contrast, The Room and Manos are so devoid of the intended quality that the only way to enjoy them at all is to suffer gladly.

Still, that kind of hair-splitting is something I wanted to avoid with this tournament; I didn’t want to over-analyze what “bad” is. And I’m as guilty as anyone of nominating the trashy end of bad. Maybe I’d put in a quality cap if I did it again, but it would be much harder to separate “so bad it’s good” from “truly bad” via any easily accessible metric.

  • Closest bracket: Showgirls vs. Batman and Robin, 37 – 37. I broke the tie in favor of Batman and Robin.
  • Biggest blowout: Earth Girls Are Easy vs. Gigli, 46 – 7. I’ve seen both, and while Gigli is by far the worse film, it’s hard to make a case that it’s so bad it’s good.

Feel free to leave comments, but don’t comment in the brackets themselves, to make voting easier.