Werewolf 47: THE THING – Day 7

A door slammed. Christmas Jackson awoke with a start. Dammit what now?? Rowdy was dead, couldn’t they just have a peaceful night again? She turned over, and saw what was now next to her on the bed.

“Oh. I guess not.”


Subsaharan/Christmas Jackson is dead. He was TOWN

1. Smapti Jones/Dr. Blair
2. MacCrocodile/Nils KrokodilsenTHING
3. Grumphoho/Peg GrumpkowskiJAILKEEPER
4. forget_it_jake/Nikki NicholsonTOWN
5. Zecko/Dr. Herbert WestDETECTIVE
6. A Winged Potato/David KeithTHING
7. Admirax/Eska the sled dogTOWN
8. Owen1120/Dr Heinz Doofenshmirtz
9. Captain Video/Dr. ScientistMASTER OF ARMS
10. Subsaharan/Dr. Christmas JacksonTOWN
11. Shinichiki/Shinichiki the chickenTOWN
12. Creeper/RowdyTHING
13. santafriend/Julia Pappalardo
14. Saint Doctor Nicholas/Colonel Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart
15. the good king snugglewumps/Medical Dr. Agent Dana Scully
16. LuminariaLass/Mariah Jessup RN
17. Lockeout/Agent Fox MulderTHING Roleblocker
18. TCRM: HOLIDAY EDITION!/Academician Pavel SierovTOWN

Master of Arms (town)
Jailkeeper (town)
Detective (town)

11 Vanilla Town
3 Wolves (1 Roleblocker, 2 Vanilla)
1 Serial Killer
?? One Shot Vig

• If there is a tie at twilight there will be no lynch. A majority vote for any single player (or no lynch) will result in early twilight.
• If you have questions about your role ask in your QT.
• Do not quote or screencap from your QT.
• No editing or deleting of posts.
• Do not discuss the game with other players outside of the current day’s thread or shared QTs.
• Only votes posted directly in response to the designated vote thread count.
• Be accommodating of different playing styles and different levels of role play (rp). Attack arguments, not people.
• Bear with me on days and stuff, since my schedule is all out of whack compared to you normal daytime folks so days could go up at odd times or I may not be immediately available to call twilight/answer questions. I’ll do my best though.

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With 6 players left, day ends with a 4 vote majority or at 7 PM EST on Tuesday December 12