Second Annual Pits: The Nominations

Based on upvotes, I’ve added pretty much all the categories that I thought were serious enough to be included. And there’s a lot. Here’s what we are looking at so far:

1 – Best Discovery – Media you have discovered as a result of The Avocado – The Media and the Person
2 – Best Avocado Meme
3 – Best Comment – Funny
4 – Best Comment – Serious

5 – Best Comment – Drama causing
6 – Favorite Thread That Doesn’t Reoccur Enough
7 – Best username (Not poster, just name)

8 – Best username – Holiday
9 – Best Avatar
10 – Best Username/Avatar Synergy
11 – Best One-off Thread (i.e. not a weekly, recurring feature or daily thread)
12 – Best Life Changing Advice

13 – Best Open Thread Header
14 – Best Long-form Post or Subthread

15 – Best Avocado Regular(ish) Feature

16 – Best Gimmick Account

17 – Best Pet Photo
18 – Best Werewolf Game

19 – Best Rabbit Screening

20 – Best/Worst Comic Strip (Pluggers, Heathcliff, etc.)

21 – Best Use of Gifs/Photoshop

22 – Best Political Comment

23 – Best Change on the New Site

24 – Best Review – TV

25 – Best Review – Movie

26 – Best Review – Other

27 – Best Artist/Album Spotlight

28 – The E Buzz Miller Memorial Kindest Commenter Award


For the following ones, I am looking for better names for the award/category. So open to any suggestions on that:


29 – Rookie of The Year

30 – Commenter You Most Like to See Upvotes From

31 – The Holy Guacamole Lifetime Shitposting Achievement Award – (Most Active Commenter)

32 – Hall of Fame nominations (Who and Why) – Thinking might shoot for 10 or so for this class and keep it around that number each year.


I will be posting a subthread for each category. Put your nominations in there. Upvotes will determine the winner. I will leave this up until 12/20 and then tally it all up for the results. As always if you have any suggestions, let me know.

Finally, last call if you are interested in submitting anything to be included. Funny “In Memoriam” style gifs, Vocaroo of your Pits theme song, cool Photoshop of what the award should be, get creative with it. Let me know in the comments if you are interested.