Werewolf 47: THE THING – Day 5

Nikki Nicholson was feeling good. The THING impersonating Agent Mulder was dead, just maybe they could survive til the supply ship arrived. As she made her way down the hall, thinking of her warm home she heard a sharp crack and whimper. She ran towards the source and nearly tripped over the body of Eska the sled dog.

“Oh no….you poor thing!” She said as another set of footsteps approached. “My god…” said the heavily accented voice of Nils Krokodilsen. “What has happened here?”

“I don’t know, but help me move her. We can’t leave her here in the hall like this” said Nikki.

“Of course.”

But as Nikki turned around she felt a pair of incredibly powerful hands grab her head. And then she felt nothing.

The THING that had the form of Nils Krokodilsen was pleased with it’s luck. Two more earth creatures dead. It was prepared to move the bodies and take what was needed when something heavy thudded against it’s chest. It picked the object up, unsure what it was….and then blew up.

The remaining residents of Outpost 47 decided fuck cleaning this hallway, and blocked it off at all access points.

Eska/Admirax is dead. She was TOWN
Nikki Nicholson/forget_it_jake is dead. She was TOWN
Nils Krokodilsen/MacCrocodile is dead. He was a THING

NOTE: Subsaharan will be replacing Flaxon Jackson

1. Smapti Jones/Dr. Blair
2. MacCrocodile/Nils KrokodilsenTHING
3. Grumphoho/Peg Grumpkowski
4. forget_it_jake/Nikki NicholsonTOWN
5. Zecko/Dr. Herbert WestDETECTIVE
6. A Winged Potato/David KeithTHING
7. Admirax/Eska the sled dogTOWN
8. Owen1120/Dr Heinz Doofenshmirtz
9. Captain Video/Dr. ScientistMASTER OF ARMS
10. Subsaharan/Dr. Christmas Jackson
11. Shinichiki/Shinichiki the chicken
12. Creeper/Rowdy
13. santafriend/Julia Pappalardo
14. Saint Doctor Nicholas/Colonel Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart
15. the good king snugglewumps/Medical Dr. Agent Dana Scully
16. LuminariaLass/Mariah Jessup RN
17. Lockeout/Agent Fox MulderTHING Roleblocker
18. TCRM: HOLIDAY EDITION!/Academician Pavel SierovTOWN

Master of Arms (town)
Jailkeeper (town)
Detective (town)
11 Vanilla Town
3 Wolves (1 Roleblocker, 2 Vanilla)
1 Serial Killer
?? One Shot Vig

• If there is a tie at twilight there will be no lynch. A majority vote for any single player (or no lynch) will result in early twilight.
• If you have questions about your role ask in your QT.
• Do not quote or screencap from your QT.
• No editing or deleting of posts.
• Do not discuss the game with other players outside of the current day’s thread or shared QTs.
• Only votes posted directly in response to the designated vote thread count.
• Be accommodating of different playing styles and different levels of role play (rp). Attack arguments, not people.
• Bear with me on days and stuff, since my schedule is all out of whack compared to you normal daytime folks so days could go up at odd times or I may not be immediately available to call twilight/answer questions. I’ll do my best though.

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Day Four

I’ve set Day 5 to end at noontime EST Sunday. Kill someone before then and we’ll be moving quickly. Ten players left, a six vote majority brings us twilight.