Werewolf 47: The THING – Day 3

Day 3
Dr. Herbert West had a secret. No, not just his desire to defeat death and perfect a formula for reanimation. After the Miskatonic incident everyone knew about that. No, you see Herbert West was spying on his fellow researchers. With all the bodies laying about, someone had to keep an eye on these people after hours. And Dr. West knew who he wanted to look in on next. So he put on his parka and boots and prepared to run across the freezing cold campground and have a look in on his colleague. He stepped out into the windy cold and felt something click under his boot. “What the hell?” Then Dr. Herbert West exploded into too many pieces to ever be reanimated.

Zecko/Dr. Herbert West is dead. He was the Detective

1. Smapti Jones/Dr. Blair
2. MacCrocodile/Nils Krokodilsen
3. Grumphoho/Peg Grumpkowski
4. forget_it_jake/Nikki Nicholson
5. Zecko/Dr. Herbert WestDETECTIVE
6. A Winged Potato/David KeithTHING
7. Admirax/Eska the sled dog
8. Owen1120/Dr Heinz Doofenshmirtz
9. Captain Video/Dr. Scientist
10. Flaxon Faction Jackson/Dr. Christmas Jackson
11. Shinichiki/Shinichiki the chicken
12. Creeper/Rowdy
13. santafriend/Julia Pappalardo
14. Saint Doctor Nicholas/Colonel Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart
15. the good king snugglewumps/Dr. Agent Dana Sculley
16. LuminariaLass/Mariah Jessup RN
17. Lockeout/Agent Fox Mulder
18. TCRM: HOLIDAY EDITION!/Academician Pavel SierovTOWN

Master of Arms (town)
Jailkeeper (town)
Detective (town)
11 Vanilla Town
3 Wolves (1 Roleblocker, 2 Vanilla)
1 Serial Killer


• If there is a tie at twilight there will be no lynch. A majority vote for any single player (or no lynch) will result in early twilight.
• If you have questions about your role ask in your QT.
• Do not quote or screencap from your QT.
• No editing or deleting of posts.
• Do not discuss the game with other players outside of the current game thread or shared QTs.
• Only votes posted directly in response to the designated vote thread count.
• Be accommodating of different playing styles and different levels of role play (rp). Attack arguments, not people.
• Bear with me on days and stuff, since my schedule is all out of whack compared to you normal daytime folks so days could go up at odd times or I may not be immediately available to call twilight/answer questions. I’ll do my best though.

I’ve made Day 3 a little longer than Day 2, just to make things easier on me mod wise.
Countdown to end of Day 3: https://www.timeanddate.com/countdown/generic?iso=20171206T15&p0=43&font=cursive

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