Tuesday Politics Thread, by Not Paul Manafort and his Not Russian Friend

Greetings, Avocomrades! Is me, your usual thread creator Aggressive Craig! And I bring to you the Politics Thread of the Tuesday!

Now I know what you say: you want to talk about politics news in this thread. But I am apologize, comrades: there is no politics news. Nothing important has happened! Especially not to great friend of our country, Paul Manafort! That man is my BROTHER and is INNOCENT of ALL CRIMES! He give me special bottle of vodka for always remaining loyal, this is how I know he is innocent!

What is this? He has plead guilty? I TELL YOU THIS IS FAKE NEWS! It is not like he is taking your Fifth Amendment, which the innocent do not ever do!

Now please, have good time in this thread! Flag a post if it is a no-no, but only for that. Do not threaten the Mayor Squirrel. And if there is problem, please to be reaching out to mods at avocadomods@gmail.com.