The Weekly Music Thread Bridges the Gap

Let’s discuss any and all music here. You’ve got a new artist who’s rocking your boat that you want to talk about? Post a video! Found out about that unearthed Coltrane album that has the jazz freak in you losing your mind? Lay it out for us! Do you have a theory about what your favorite band might do for their next album? Let’s hear it! Anything and everything music-related goes here.

This week’s discussion prompt comes courtesy of The Avocado’s very own KingKat:

What are your favorite bridges?

Wikipedia defines a bridge as “a structure built to span a physical obstacle (such as a body of water, valley, road, or railway) without blocking the way underneath”.

But, “in music, especially Western popular music, a bridge is a contrasting section that prepares for the return of the original material section.” Presumably this is the type of bridge our friend KingKat was suggesting for us to discuss, though if anyone would like to post their favorite songs about bridges or with the word “bridge” in the title, feel free to do so!

Somewhere along those roads, there is a bridge!

As always, any and all music-related posts are welcome. Have fun, and rock out with yr guac out!