The Vaudeville Villain Night Thread (May 23, 2023)

In 2003 Daniel Dumile took on another persona, this time a darker comic book supervillain/scientist/drug-dealer named Viktor Vaughn; the pseudonym obviously inspired by Doctor Doom’s given name, Victor Von Doom. A collaboration album between Dumile and the Sound-Ink label, the album Vaudeville Villain, the tracks follow a day in the life of this shady character and is appropriately chock-full of comicbook references and samples, including the 80s TV cartoons Spider-Man and Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends.

In an interview with XXL, Dumile described the differences between DOOM and Viktor Vaughn:

“It’s a little more vulgar than DOOM would be. That’s the obvious thing you can tell. Viktor say whatever the fuck is on his mind. It’s a no holds barred type of thing. DOOM on the other hand is a little more reserved and watches what he says. He’s trying to be grammatically correct, politically correct, and cover all angles. Vik speaks from a heart place. It just has more testosterone. He’s a young whippersnapper so he talks shit.”

A second album was released in 2004 under the villainous moniker – VV:2, also known as Venomous Villain. This however was, by all accounts, a contractually obligated record Dumile was forced to produce, as evidenced by his relative absence from the tracks, and lyrics such as this when he does rap: “Dub it off your man, don’t spend that 10 bucks/ I did it for the advance, the back end sucks.”

Vaudeville Villain

Favourite Track: Saliva

Favourite Lyrics:

Soup’s on! And I got a coupon
Chinese restaurant, asking for the Grey Poupon
He said “No! Duck sauce, soy sauce!
And this ain’t no Burger King so you don’t get no toy, boss”


Have a chill evening and take care, everyone!