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The Wednesday Politics Thread Says Yo Dawg

We’ve made it to another Wednesday. Pat yourself on the back for making it through. I was prepared to dive back into Avocado history, but as it turns out, this time last year I was guest host for PT and did that very thing. So now we’re reaching Xzibit levels of Avocado history in Avocado history. So what else happened on 4/26 last year? 

Politics: Today, the danger word is “woke.” But last year, it was all about the scary “critical race theory.” A report on managers wanting their employees to be back in the office. Netherlands drew all of its electricity from renewable sources for a brief time. Twitter accepted Musk’s takeover offer. A tiny bunny was hanging out under my fence. Biden pardoned Abraham Bolden, the first Black man to serve on a Secret Service presidential detail in 1961. Per Resident Smartass, “After threatening to expose unprofessional behavior within the Secret Service (agents drinking while on duty, etc.) Bolden was charged and convicted of bribery, for supposedly attempting to sell the prosecution’s file on a counterfeiting suspect. Witnesses against him later admitted that they had lied on the witness stand, at the direction of prosecutors.”

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If you want to see what happened in previous years, just check the header for last year’s PT!

Be kind and thoughtful today. Cheers.