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The Tuesday Politics Thread Looks Back

Morning, all! Cordyceps subbing in for today’s PT.

Instead of getting overwhelmed with current news for the header, I decided to get overwhelmed with old news for the header instead, and looked at previous April 26 PTs. Let’s see what delights and horrors we’ve encountered on this day in PT history.

Note: If you skim these old threads, please remember not to dredge up any past drama or comments about former posters.

Last year: COVID. And COVID vaccines! Census results! And population shifts. Rick Santorum was awful. Also there was a Josh Battle. (Also on The Avocado: Albums by Year, 1967. Favorite Mortal Kombat character.)

2020: COVID. Boy things were so weird and uncertain back then, huh? We’d just passed 50,000 deaths, a number that seems so tiny now in comparison. We were deep in “COVID is a hoax territory” from the right, which never completely left, but was a dominant theme back then. Also someone posted their local gas station at $1.21 a gallon. (Also on The Avocado: Sondheim’s 90th Birthday. First round of the Schwarzenegger tournament.)

2019: More and more people were entering the Democratic primary, and much of the discussion was about who might be the eventual nominee. Some great and accurate predictions. We should have our own cable news show. Biden makes a poor apology for touching people. Trump speaks at an NRA rally. In both this thread and the 2020 thread, we see some comments from Republicans insisting the Democrats were trying to perform a coup, which now feels like dark foreshadowing of January 6, 2021. (Also on The Avocado: Let’s Obfuscate Lyrics! The release of Avengers: Endgame prompted a review and a your favorite Avenger thread [#TeamCap]) 

2018: Kanye West speaks out in support of Trump. Trump has an insane call in with Fox and Friends where, among other things, he casually admits his connection to the Stormy Daniels case after many previous denials. Dr. Ronny Jackson withdraws his nomination to be Trump’s head of the VA. Emmanuel Macron meets with John Lewis in DC. Michelle Wolf was about to speak at the White House Correspondents Dinner! I bet her comments there won’t cause the Republicans to scream and the rest of the media to weakly apologize. (Also on The Avocado: Best Worst Movies semifinals. A Thiftstorm about globes.) 

Prior to that, The Avocado existed as a Disqus Channel, forever lost to the sands of time after Disqus’ murdering of channels. RIP.

What will this year’s April 26 bring?