Schwarzenegger: Round 1

For those of you wondering, “Why?”, well, I wanted to try making one, and I wanted to go small, and I thought Arnie has enough great movies that there could be a fight for the finish. I’m just making this up as we go along, much like, oh, I can’t think of any examples in the real world right now.


The most surprising thing about the nominations was that “Governor of California”
beat out some of his more famous flops. So, since we’ve got nothing else to do, I kept it in there.

I also kept the “Tales from the Crypt” one, because it got 2 votes, while several others, like “The Expendables 2” and “Collateral Damage” got big ole’ Zeroes.

i imagine this will go pretty much as expected, but there were some in the Top 10 nominated that did better than I imagined at all.

Let’s see what happens.