Screamin’ Lyrics Tournament: Nominations!

Here’s the idea for this tournament: What are some lyrics that just make you want to yell them out while listening? I’m especially meaning not those songs that you sing along to the whole song to, dialed up to 11. (“Enter Sandman” comes to mind)*. I mean this is the line or lines that makes you turn it up to 12 and maybe gets some weird looks thrown your way on the freeway.

* Or heck, if you want to throw Sandman in here, go for it. I’m not going to gatekeep.

Please include song title and artist, as well as, if you care to, a video timestamped to when the pertinent passage comes up. If you want to include the buildup in your quote, feel free, just make sure the part people are voting for is written in bold!

We’ll keep nominations open until noon Eastern on Friday, 4/14. Hope this is fun.