The Avocado Predicts the 2023 Academy Awards

Welcome to Oscar Week! Fans of cinema are lining up to root for the year’s biggest hits, and the Avocado Oscar Pool is in full swing as always. As always, a number of great movies are mingling with some stinkers, and also some movies you have truly never heard of. (“Tell It Like a Woman?”)

I have created a Google Form here in which you will compete to win honor and glory, in the form of upvotes. You must submit your Avocado username and then your Oscars picks. On the first page of the form, pick what you think will win the Oscar, and on the second page, pick what you think should win the Oscar. (You’re not required to make a full ballot on the second page, as not everyone can pick a favorite out of every category.)

The poll closes at 7 PM EST on Sunday. Good luck!