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The Wednesday Politics Thread Gets Scientific

Good morning everyone! Thanks to those of you who responded last week when I checked in about the headers. Sounds like there’s still some interest in the weekly lookbacks, but I might break it up with some other topics periodically just to give folks something fresh. So today I thought we’ll take a look at some cool and interesting news in the world of SCIENCE!

Last week’s Science Friday had a really neat segment on 3D printed violins, which may allow more people an opportunity to try out the instrument. Just $7!

The New York Times has some articles on science this week as well. One is a conversation with two physicists, looking at recent developments and future directions in the field – so many questions still remain about particle physics. 

Another asks what we owe lab animals, and talks about a push to add “repayment” to the Rs of caring for lab animals: replacing animals when alternatives are available, reducing the number of animals used in testing, and refining their use to minimize pain and suffering.

Also, researchers have discovered a spider that can regrow its butt. Imagine the endless butt spiral.

If you are jonesing for some Avocado history today, here are a few options for you. In 2018, Avocado users shared pop culture that wasn’t quite what they were hoping for. There was also a shipping discussion thread where folks shared their favorite relationships in media. Last year, we had a thread to share all of the “Well, actually”s that we were tired of hearing.