It Isn’t What We Thought It Was: Pop Culture that Wasn’t What You Wanted

I’m posting on behalf of Arjuna Matata, who posted the following interesting question in the Day Thread (but didn’t feel like setting up a WordPress account):

What pop culture do you dislike because it isn’t what you thought it would be / isn’t what you wish it was?

I thought Last Man on Earth could have milked the premise of the pilot for a whole season. A few episodes of one guy cracking up without any company and the entire country to play with, and then another bunch where he finds a woman and can’t stand her. I didn’t care for the sex farce element it turned into and i tuned out quickly.

Also, Better Call Saul is fine, but I really wanted a sleazebag version of Perry Mason. Case of the week, but we have to see how Saul and his faithful fixer Mike game the system to get his criminal clients off each week. There’s still time for it to pivot!

It’s an interesting question and one that deserves more than the five minutes or so it would be on the top of the open thread. Have at it!