The Many Lies Of The Friday Politics Thread

Lies, Damned Lies, that is all that The Friday Politics Thread has to offer. Much like the man allegedly known as George Santos the more you dig into Politics Threads on Fridays the more lies you will find! Is Fridays actually a former Drag Queen from South America, did their mother really die on 9/11? (It was the Ashes I swear!) Are they even a Long-Running Feature on The Avocado? Hopefully, the comments section can tell you.

Do you know what isn’t lies though? Today’s Trans Artist of The Week! This week it is Video Game Composer Lena Raine! Best known for making music for the stellar platformer Celeste, she’s also done work on Guild Wars 2, Minecraft, and The Steven Universe Movie. As a big Minecraft enjoyer that is mostly where I am familiar with her work.

Don’t go to The Nether without this song blasting in your ears
Caves (and Cliffs) never sound this good in real life!

That’s all she wrote! Remember to always be kind, support our local Clam Fighter, keep track of your classified documents and listen to some David Crosby today (you deserve it.)