The 2022 Peely Awards for the Worst in Pop Culture, Round II, Part 1

Welcome, once again, back to the Peely Awards for the Worst in this year’s Pop Culture, Round II! We’re gonna be doing things a little differently this time. Last year, the thread kind of, um, crashed due to the massive influx of nominations and comments. To stave that off (one, two, three), we’re splitting this into two pages! This is the first Round II page, and the second will be published an hour afterwards. They’ll each cover twenty of the forty total categories that you, the voters, nominated. We’ll also make sure both of them link to each other.

Here are the twenty categories we’ll be voting on in this thread:

  • Unholy Acting Talent Award for Worst Performer / Actor (of any gender) (Lovely Bones)
  • “Wow, Blizzard, You’re Really Pushing the Boundaries” Award for Worst New Character (Wolfman Jew)
  • Most Baffling, Bone-Headed, or Banal Plot Twist or Development (Lovely Bones)
  • Acrid-Life Crisis Award for Most Divorced Man of 2022 (Lovely Bones)
  • Tetsuya Nomura Trophy for Worst Costuming and Costume Design (Shit-Master Slootfass)
  • Crushed Under Cleats Award for Worst Sports Moment of the Year (The Decemberween Laundry Co.)
  • Worst Waste of Idris Elba, Once and Future King of Roles Beneath His Talents (galateas)
  • Richard Kind Award for Best Character Actor Livening Up a Not Great Project (SludgeVohaul)
  • Worst Adaptation Attempt, Whether Retelling, Remaking, Remastering, or Expanding on a Story (Otakunomike / Mr Ixolite)
  • Platinum Puke Bucket For Most Intentionally Offensive Pop Culture You Saw in 2022 (Ice Cream Planet)
  • Bronze Barf Pail for Most Accidentally Offensive Pop Culture in 2022
  • Worst Thinkpiece, an Award That’s Somehow Bad for Joe Biden (Lovely Bones, in honor of Merve)
  • Dragnet Decoration for Most Egregious Copaganda (Mexican Blade Runner)
  • Burned On Investment Accolade for Worst Return for the Effort Put In (Owen1120)
  • Video Game Dragged Down the Most by Microtransactions / Live Service BS (LoveWaffle)
  • Worst Attempt to Cash In On Crypto / NFTs Despite the Market Tanking (Shit-Master Slootfass, Canadave87)
  • Silver Zaslav for Most Infuriating Series, Film, or Broader Project Cancellation of 2022 (Ice Cream Planet)
  • KFC Bowl of Sadness Memorial Award for Worst Culinary Monstrosity (The Decemberween Laundry Co.)
  • Worst Trailer, Advertisement, or Marketing Campaign (Owen1120, The Decemberween Laundry Co.)
  • Best Moment That’s Just Deeply Satisfying to the Primordial Lizard Part of Our Brains (Lovely Bones)

I’ll have a comment for every one of these; put the nominations in the form of replies.
Now remember, in keeping with the seriousness of the Peely’s, you are not only allowed, but encouraged, to vote for multiple nominees in the same category. We will be doing it, and you should, too. Spread that love around! And have fun.

EDIT: Here’s the link for Part 2!