The 2022 Peely Awards for the Worst in Pop Culture, Round II, Part 2

…And we’re back! Here’s the second page for Round II of the 2022 Peely’s, where we’ll be putting nominations into the categories that you suggested! Here’s your link to Part 1 of Round II.

As I said before, this is meant as a way to circumvent the huge issues that came up last time. Hopefully it’ll help! And here are the twenty categories we’ll be voting on in this thread:

  • Most Unmitigated Square Enix Disaster (Wolfman Jew)
  • Most Spectacular Self-Own (Wolfman Jew)
  • The JK Rowling Memorial Award for Most Egregious Celebrity Behavior (Ice Cream Planet)
  • Worst Social Media Moment Not Involving Elon Musk’s Takeover of Twitter (The Decemberween Laundry Co.)
  • Worst Corporate Rebrand, an Award that Has Some Legs (Tigercat919)
  • Fanservice with a Glasgow Smile Medal for Most Baffling Fanboy Pandering (El Santo)
  • “Please, Touch Grass” Award for Most Ridiculous Fandom Bullshit of 2022 (Ice Cream Planet)
  • Pass the Popcorn, Sicko Award for Most Entertaining Industry Drama (LibraryLass)
  • Promised Neverland Award for TV Series with the Steepest Drop in Quality Between Seasons (LoveWaffle)
  • Annual Ted Lasso Award for Best Series, Movie, or Game of 2022 Locked Away on a Streaming Service You Don’t Want (LoveWaffle)
  • Most Obscure Disappointment, a Prize Honoring the Things We Don’t Know and Quite Possibly Shouldn’t (Merve / Wolfman Jew)
  • Dead Dove Award for Touching the Pop Culture Stovetop You Know was Hot (LibraryLass, Shit-Master Slootfass, Agnew)
  • Worst Pop Culture from a Previous Year that You Experienced for the First Time in 2022 (Merve)
  • Worst Thing the Avocado Watched in a Live Show this Year (Wolfman Jew)
  • Silliest Title for an Eric Roberts Movie Released in 2022
  • Worst Video Game of 2022
  • Worst Album of 2022
  • Worst Television Season of 2022
  • Worst Book, Comic, or Piece of Prose of 2022
  • Worst Film of 2022

Well, no time like the present! Now get in there and get to nominating. And please do feel free to vote for as many nominees in the same category as you’d like. In fact, we consider it preferable that you vote for rival nominees—as many as you think are worth their place as a nominee.

Oh, except for one postscript: to keep the “Most Spectacular Self-Own” category at least somewhat competitive, we’re only allowing one general nomination to cover Elon Musk and his many self-owns. However, we’ll also reference any individual examples when releasing the results, so make sure to mention the ones you found worth noting. We’ll make sure to include them all!