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The Thursday Politics Thread Still Has Documents

Mornin’ Politocadoes!

The Trump Organization recently hired an outside group to search four Trump properties for any more potentially classified materials. The search was overseen by the Trump legal team that apparently, also offered the Federal government to search the Bedminster property themselves, an offer that was declined. This makes sense as it is unusual for the Justice department to oversee any search unless it is one conducted by law enforcement. The searches were conducted ostensibly out of concern for any potential lingering material to still be on the premises.

This is not surprising given the lack of care that went into the filing of classified material at Mar-A-Lago and Trump’s own desire to hold onto as much of it as possible. Documents could be hiding anywhere and it’s better to be safe than face another fresh round of litigation. There’s no indication that the legal team has attested to finding any new material yet, we do not know and likely will not. My world-weary cynicism tells me to immediately distrust any seeming compliance or actions in good faith from the Trumps. Therefore, I will operate under the assumption that this was a clean-up crew probably also tasked with shredding any remaining confidential material until I hear otherwise.


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