If the Weekly Music Thread Could Change Just ONE Thing…

Let’s discuss any and all music here. Got a new artist who’s rocking your boat that you want to talk about? Post a video! Found out about that unearthed Coltrane album that has the jazz freak in you losing your mind? Lay it out for us! Have a theory about what your favorite band might do for their next album? Let’s hear it! Anything and everything music-related goes here.

This week’s discussion prompt comes courtesy of The Avocado’s very own Lynn McKenzie:

Are there any songs that you like, but that also have one element you can’t stand?

The example our resident Beatles expert cited in her original post is the sound of the snare drum in “If You Leave” by Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark. Once upon a time the “eighties drum sound” was an instant turn-off for me, and while I’ve gradually come around on it to the point where I actually enjoy it in quite a few things now, McKenzie compared the snare drum sound in this particular song to “a hammer banging on a nail, standing out like a sore thumb through the entire arrangement”, and I can see where she is coming from here.

OMD is great, though. Their early stuff in particular is well worth checking out for anyone into the electronic or new wave music from the era.

As always, any and all music-related posts are welcome. Have fun, and rock out with yr guac out!