The Day Thread of Jedi Bob

An unnamed Jedi Knight LEGO minifigure is included in the first LEGO Star Wars Republic Gunship set 7163 Republic Gunship (pictured below), which was released in 2002. Subsequently, many LEGO fans donned the unidentified Jedi as “Bob” or “Jedi Bob.” “Bob,” along with some information on the character and a reference to his commonly used fan-given name, was later mentioned in the LEGO Star Wars: The Visual Dictionary in 2009.

Jedi “Bob” is an exclusive to the set minifigure and as such is quite rare. A new, mint condition figure will run you upwards of $150 which is more than the price of the whole set 20 years ago. (Incidentally, the mint condition set will cost you more than $600 on the reputable Lego resale website). The lesson here is buy your Legos when they are new and before they retire.

I do own the set so I am theoretically sitting on money.

Anyway, enjoy your Day Thread