World Cup 2022: Matchday 2, Southgate has this

Well that was certainly an opening game, the host was worse than expected and Ecuador cruised to an easy victory.

Anyway today looks great, day 2 has three matches. Lets take a look:

Group B: England v Iran

It’s coming home lads… ok, ok a little early for this, although that hasn’t stopped the British press before. A win is a must for England to get things going. This is Iran’s hardest game of the group, given that goal difference might be a factor at the end, they should park the bus.

Group A: Senegal v Netherlands

Senegal can win this, this could be the first surprise result of the cup. Netherlands have a good team, but they have glaring deficiencies specially at keeper.

Group B: USA v Wales

Time for the Americans to show what they’ve learned after missing the World Cup. In front of them a Welsh team that is back to the World Cup after 64 years. If Bale is inspired they can pull this off and if they go up, will the young USA core break? It’s not like they have a great coach that can reverse things.