Werewolf 196: Gods and Monst3rs, Day Three

The spaceship broke through the clouds and landed on the well-manicured lawn of a palatial mansion.

“We’ve arrived,” Lord Wentworth L. Wolfingshire said, his snout turning upward in a proud smile. “My friends, welcome to Wolfingshire Abbey. Mind your step as you exit the conveyance.”

As they exited the spacecraft, a German Shepherd wearing a tuxedo approached, holding a tray of champagne flutes. He politely offered the drinks to the arriving guests, who partook of the offering gladly.

“Come come, this way,” said Lord Wolfingshire, motioning towards the house. “I want you to meet my friends.”

As the group approached the front door, several of them intentionally lagged behind. Whilst everyone else’s backs were turned, they grabbed poor Superman and dragged him into a hedge.

“Gizmo caca!” he screamed as they pummeled him, which was an odd thing for Superman to say. Unfortunately, he wasn’t really Superman. He wasn’t even Nicolas Cage, as it turned out…he was a tiny, hairy creature designed to sell merch.

Indy (Supercage) has died. He was MOGWAI and a member of the Totally Ordinary Walla Walla Natives (T.O.W.W.N.)

The only one to hear the commotion was former President Jimmy Carter. But as he turned towards the brouhaha to see what was what, a ravenous creature scooped him up in its mouth and chewed on him 39 times.

April (Jimmy Carter) has died. He was TIAMAT and a member of the Totally Ordinary Walla Walla Natives (T.O.W.W.N.)

The rest of the group walked through the palatial mansion, passing several rooms filled with elegant furniture and priceless works of art.

Lord Wolfingshire opened the doors to the banquet room. Within were a number of canines dressed in finery, nibbling at small plates of food and sipping at wine. Their polite conversation ceased as they watched the visitors enter. Several of the dogs stood and bowed, while others nodded demurely.

“My friends,” Lord Wolfingshire said, “it is my privilege to introduce you to our organization. We are known as the Wolfingshire Order Of Fighting Immortal Entities, or W.O.O.F.I.E. for short.

“Now, I know most of you are T.O.W.W.N., but also some of you are secretly S.C.U.M. You won’t reveal yourselves voluntarily, and I don’t expect you to. You are not our enemies, none of you. No, our real foe is … immortality itself.”

The canines looked at each other. Despite their apparent civility, could a low growl be heard amongst them?

“We W.O.O.F.I.E.s stand against the very idea of immortality. Not just gods, mind you, but vampires, demons, unicorns, and those freaky jellyfish that supposedly live forever. Being incapable of dying is an unnatural state, and we mean to correct that specific malady.

“And that is why I brought you here.” The wolf grinned. “We have a plan.”

12 T.O.W.W.N. – Wins the game when S.C.U.M. and the Bugblatter Beast are eliminated.

5 S.C.U.M. – Wins the game when the number of S.C.U.M. equals the number of T.O.W.W.N. and the Bugblatter Beast is eliminated. Each night, S.C.U.M. must kill one player of their choice.

1 Ravenous Bugblatter Beast of Traal – Serial Killer, wins the game when all other players are dead. (If Nyarlathotep is in the game, they win as a team if they are both still alive with 5 or less players.)

Players and Draft Order
2 April TIAMAT (not taken: Psycho Weasel) // T.O.W.W.N.
3 Tiff BLACK PHILLIP (not taken: Squonk) // T.O.W.W.N.
10 Queequeg
11 Indy MOGWAI (not taken: Nyarlathotep) // T.O.W.W.N.
15 Lamb Dance
17 Josephus
23 Side Character
24 Nate
25 Pablo Pizazzo
26 Stars
42 Wasp
47 Kate the Great
57 Beinggreen
1 Narrowstrife Vanilla T.O.W.W.N.
1 Jake
5 Marlowe
5 Sagittariuskim
6 Cork The Ravenous Bugblatter Beast of Traal I
8 Hoho
8 Raven
9 Mr. I’m My Own Grampa
9 Lindsay
Role Pair Descriptions
NOTE: Powers that say “must” are mandatory. Powers that say “may” are optional. If a player has a role, it will be revealed when the player dies.

Aslan: The day after you are killed, you may comment in the main thread, but you cannot vote.
Wisp: 1-shot “ghost” vote. The day after you are killed, you may cast a vote. Once this “ghost” vote is recorded in the vote tally, it cannot be changed. Other than your vote, you cannot comment in that day’s thread.

Black Phillip: You are immune to being killed by the Ravenous Bugblatter Beast of Traal. 
Squonk: 1-shot day-kill immunity. The first time you are day-killed, you dissolve into a pool of tears and survive. Your role (but not your alignment) will be revealed at that time.

Chronos: 1-Shot Time Manipulation. During one day of your choice, you may call an early Twilight. The player with the most votes at that moment dies (if tied, RNG as normal.)
Yosemite Sam: 1-Shot Varmint Killer. On any night, you may “arm” yourself. If you do, you kill one player who targets you that night (if multiple players target you, you choose which one to kill). Once you kill one player, your shot is spent.

Dionysus: On any day the thread reaches at least 420 comments, you may cancel all votes against one player of your choice (including yourself) before Twilight.
Cookie Monster: Each night, you must give a cookie to a player of your choice (you can choose yourself). You cannot choose the same player more than once in the game. If the player holding your cookie is day-killed, the cookie explodes and kills a random player instead.

Janus: If two players choose Janus, you will be matched and become Two Faces. You will share a chat and if one of you dies, you both die. You will not know the alignment of the other player.
Illithid: You start the game knowing the identity of one randomly selected Vanilla Town player.

Lord Frith: May target a player each night to learn that player’s role (but not alignment). The SK detects as Nyarlathotep, whether or not that role is in the game.
Black Rabbit of Inlé: May watch a player each night and learn the names of all the players that visit the targeted player, but not what action was used.

Nekomata: 1-shot curse. Once per game, a player you choose must only communicate in cat GIFs for the entire day (except for voting).
Wild Thing: As a night action, you must choose a player (you may choose yourself). The next day, that player must draw a picture of a monster and post it to the thread. It can be an existing monster or an original creation. Each player can only be chosen once.

Nyarlathotep: If you and the SK are both alive when there are 5 or less players, you both win the game together, regardless of your alignment. You and the SK know who each other are, but do not share a chat.
Mogwai: As an optional night action, you may choose one of the following three Mogwai rules. Each rule may only be used once per game.
Rule 1: Bright Light – Choose another player. If the chosen player is killed that night, you die in their place.
Rule 2: Get Wet – You create a second Mogwai. If you are targeted to be killed that night, the new Mogwai is killed instead (the kill fails). If the new Mogwai survives the night, it runs off and is out of the game.
Rule 3: Eat After Midnight – You transform into a Gremlin and you now win or lose with the S.C.U.M., and count toward their win condition. This transition will not be revealed publicly, not even to the S.C.U.M. You will then be told the identities of the S.C.U.M., but you will not be added to their private chat. From this point on, if investigated, you are detected as S.C.U.M.. (If you are already S.C.U.M., this rule has no effect.)

Osiris: Once per night, you must guide a player to the Underworld, protecting them from kills and blocking any actions they have. Cannot target yourself. Cannot target the same player on consecutive nights.
The Invisible Man: Any night action that targets you automatically fails. The player that targeted you will be told you are the Invisible Man. You will not know if you are targeted.

Proteus: When the first non-vanilla player dies, you will inherit their role. If multiple roles die at the same time, you choose which role to take.
Pukwudgie: You are immediately given a random role that was NOT chosen in the draft.

Quetzalcoatl: Must target a player each night to invite to a private Discord chat. This chat persists until one player in the chat dies, then it is closed. If Quetzalcoatl survives, they must start a new private chat the next night.
Gena Crocodile: Each night, you must give a cookie to a player of your choice. Your cookies do nothing.

Tiamat: Each night you may target a player to learn their alignment. The Serial Killer detects as Town.
Psycho Weasel: Each night you may target a player to learn their alignment. You ONLY detect the Serial Killer.

Vidar: If you are day-killed, you may choose one person who voted for you and kill them.
Chupacabra: 1-shot vigilante. If your shot is blocked, it is not spent.

The Ravenous Bugblatter Beast of Traal: Serial Killer. Each night, you must kill one player of your choice.

Day One, Day Two

Day Three will end on Saturday, November 19 at 2pm PST/5pm EST/10pm GMT.