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The Thursday Politics Thread Is Ordered To Testify

Mornin’ Politocadoes!

Well, you win some, you lose some. Senator Lindsay Graham may have gotten a reprieve from testifying (for the moment) in the Electoral Fraud case in Georgia, but it would appear that Mark Meadows is less lucky. A federal judge has ordered Meadows to appear before a special grand jury on the matter of Trump’s attempts to overturn the results of Georgia’s elections in 2020.

Meadows has been a key figure in the Georgia case, as he had made surprise visits to Cobb County, asking to observe the audit. He also sent a number of e-mails to the Justice Department, alleging fraud in Georgia and demanding investigations. He was often seen as the instigator of other fraud accusations that other officials repeatedly had to rebuke.

Since Meadows doesn’t live in Georgia, the Fulton County D.A., Fani Willis, had to use a special process to get Meadows to appear. This involved getting the judge in the case in Georgia, Robert McBurney, to sign off on a petition stating that Meadows is a “necessary and material witness”. It then needed to be affirmed by a Circuit Court judge, Edward Miller, in Pickens County, South Carolina (where Meadows lives) so that Meadows could be summoned to testify.

Grand Juries in Georgia cannot hand down indictments, they can only recommend action and it is left up to the District Attorney whether or not to prosecute. Can he get out of this? Who’s to say. Mark Meadows defied a subpoena and was held in contempt, but the Department of Justice declined to prosecute.


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