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The Thursday Politics Thread Loses Truss In The System

Mornin’ Politocadoes!

Every once in a while I look over the pond to the UK and see what they’re up to. It’s a sad state of affairs when two of the world’s oldest democratic countries seem to be teetering on the state of collapse. The UK has been in freefall since the referendum on Brexit passed and the US has been playing footsy with fascists since 2016. In six years, the UK has gone through 3 Prime MInisters: Theresa May, Boris Johnson, to now Liz Truss. Each somehow less qualified than the one before. Boris Johnson was finally ousted just this past summer for the horrendous scandals that surrounded his government. So, UK how ya doin’?

So, the Tories really have only a few options at this point. Struggle on with Liz Truss as the PM until 2025 when a general election can be held. At the moment, she has lost several ministers due to resignation, there are allegations of MPs being bullied into voting with the government on the recent Fracking BIll, in fact, the Chief Whip resigned after being “manhandled” and forced into voting ‘Yea’ on said bill.

Or, they can ask her to resign. There’s no real way to force her out, if she doesn’t want to go she doesn’t have to. But then, where do they go from there? There’s no clear next step, with some people calling for another leadership contest (which is a little nutty when you remember Truss just won the last one, only two months ago). They could hold a general election, which I hope they’d do! The Tories are polling at their absolute nadir. Labor might actually be able keep the country from collapsing into the Heptarchy. But that won’t happen. The other thing that conservatives are calling for is to, ugh, bring back BoJo without any sort of contest or selection process. Chrissakes,

Ah well, hopefully the UK will be able to sort itself out. It’s just frustrating to see policies that weren’t any good in the first place, scrapped with no clear policy goals being followed through. Tories aren’t about wondering if their policies are just making things worse, it’s about staying in the premiership. The people are the ones that have to suffer the consequences of this clownish game of musical chairs.

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