The Borking Female+ Voice in Music: Seeding and Song Suggestion Thread

Welcome to the Seeding round for the best female+ voice in music tournament! You maniacs nominated around 400 names, and each of them appear here, in as close to alphabetical order as I could manage. Please go through and upvote all the artists you’d like to see make it to the voting.

Also, please reply to any artist name you like with suggestions for a song that you think is a good representation of their voice! And if you like, upvote peoples’ song choices. Especially with artists I don’t know, I’m going to count on you all to provide me suggestions. Some artists (Aretha for example) I’m pretty sure I know what I’m going to go with, but go to town anyway.

This round will remain open until about 9PM, Eastern time, on Saturday, 10/22/22.

NOTE: End time has changed