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The Thursday Politics Thread Overinflates Its’ Assets

Mornin’ Politocadoes!

Another banner day in the life of the Ex-Crime President Whomst Refuses To Go Away on Wednesday. New York Attorney General Latisha James has formally sued Trump, his three eldest children, former Trump CFO Allen Weisselberg, and the Trump Organization for falsely inflating his net worth by billions of dollars. The AG is seeking to $250 million in damages and is also seeking permaban Trump and the officers of the Trump Organization from ever operating a business, or making commercial acquisitions for five years, in the state of New York.

The AG provided at least 23 examples of misconduct by the Trump Organization at its properties. This included misrepresenting the actual value of Trump Tower and Mar-A-Lago to a frankly ludicrous degree. Trump’s apartment at Trump Tower, for example, was alleged to be three times the size it actually was and valued at a whopping $327 million, an amount that no apartment in Manhattan has ever remotely sold at. Mar-A-Lago was valued by Trump as high as $739 million, more than *ten times* it’s actual value. The suit also alleges that much of this was done at the consent of Trump and his associates.

All of this comes after Trump CFO Allen Weisselberg pleaded guilty in a separate case where the organization schemed to give untaxed perks to its senior officers. Now, Trump refused to testify in this case, pleading the Fifith, and his refusal could be used against him here if the case ever reaches a jury. If Trump wanted to argue that this was a harmless accounting error, he may have missed his chance.

Elsewhere, Trump appears to be having a bad day in the case of the classified documents he stole. The Special Master he insisted upon, Judge Dearie, has laid out in no uncertain terms that already views the documents as classified, unless Trump’s attorneys can argue for why they are not. Which is something they have failed to do. And in a related ruling, the 11th Circuit has permitted the DOJ to use the documents they obtained in the FBI Raid in their investigations.

Also, Ginnie Thomas appears to have come to an agreement to speak to the January 5th Committee. How useful that will be is unclear given how thoroughly Red Pilled she is, but still, not a great day for him.

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