The Weekly Wrestling Thread

The Weekly Wrestling Thread for September 9, 2022

It was the most extraordinary press conference in the history of pro-wrestling.

After winning the AEW World Championship, CM Punk didn’t want to put over his achievement or his competitor, but instead tried to find an excuse to launch into am expletive-filled rant he had been clearly preparing for months. When the journalist he picked upon didn’t respond in the way he wanted, he drove on anyway into the most unprofessional diatribe imaginable, taking a standing piss over his colleagues, his boss, the belt he had just won, and the entire company, all whilst licking the remains of a muffin from his bloodied fingers.

What happened next is still shrouded in rumour, but resulted in numerous suspensions, including Matt and Nick Jackson and Kenny Omega.

On Wednesday’s Dynamite Omega and the Young Bucks were stripped of the Trios Championships and Punk was relieved of AEW’s top prize for the second time. Even without the suspension it would have been necessary; he tore his left triceps muscle during his match and will be out of action for at least eight months.

Right now it is difficult to imagine he will be back at all, and more than likely shouldn’t be. His behaviour revealed the sad, bitter man he really is, the rampant ego people have mocked him for since his days in Ring of Honor souring his what surely will be his final run in pro-wrestling. By running down Hangman Page (a man who has only one less year’s experience in the ring than Punk) he showed that despite his animosity towards WWE, he still thinks if you haven’t made it there you’re not worth respect. Nor are you worth much respect even if you’re the billionaire owner of the company who has been paying you millions over the past year.

CM Punk proved himself to be the living embodiment of the “You Meet an Asshole in the Morning” idiom.

This is how it ends?
Tony Khan: “I’ve made a terrible mistake.”

I wonder whose podcast he will appear in 2023 to shit all over AEW when he’s fired/walks out.

His actions overshadowed the whole All Out event, including the return of MJF and the possible last match of Malakai Black. It was up to Jon Moxley to cancel his holiday plans to return and drag the entire company back onto his shoulders one more time, proving even without the belt he’s the Ace of AEW.

On a side note, MJF’s bit of business being unable to take off his shirt was brilliant. He’s going to be a babyface sooner rather than later, whether he wants to be or not.

So what do you think? Do you want to see CM Punk back in All Elite Wrestling?