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Marsha P. Johnson Institute continues work and legacy of NJ LGBTQ rights pioneer

“What happens oftentimes to Black transgender people is because of the lack of resources economically and structurally, we often are siloed into individual efforts, and we are isolated from each other and also from community,” said Elle Moxley, executive director of the Marsha P. Johnson Institute. “And so, one of the things that we always set out to do at the Marsha P. Johnson Institute was to really build a network, to build a community of support.”


Bernie Sanders Interview: Talking Rallies, Unions, IRA, More

In the time since the bill’s passage (it was signed into law by Biden earlier this week), Bernie’s been honest about why he held up the process, calling the final version “extremely modest” in an interview with the Guardian. “I worry very much … that people are giving up on democracy because they do not believe that their government is working for them,” he said in the same interview. But he’s not stuck on the IRA; instead, Sanders is hitting the road this weekend with union leaders Sara Nelson and Sean O’Brien for rallies in Philadelphia and Boston.

Teen Vogue

Anti-abortion activists in Massachusetts are trying to ‘modernize’ the pro-life movement: ‘We think men should be responsible’

“We believe men should be responsible and be fathers and not use abortion as a kind of after-the-fact contraception or get out of jail free card,” Beckwith said.

Business Insider

For the First Time, Over 1,000 Openly LGBTQ+ People Hold Elected Office

“Despite the fact the LGBTQ community has never had equitable representation in government — and we still have a long way to go — there are clear signs of progress,” said Mayor Annise Parker, President & CEO of the Victory Institute, in a statement. “They represent the strength and diversity of not only who we are as a society now, but also the America we aspire to build for future generations.”


US supreme court backs Black voters challenging Georgia election rules

Earlier this month, a federal district judge found that the current system gave Black residents’ votes less weight. Each of the commission’s five seats hold jurisdiction over a specific district, but each seatholder is elected in a statewide race that dilutes Black voters’ power, said that ruling, which came from Trump White House-appointed judge Steven Grimberg.

The Guardian

How to find your polio vaccination records — which is harder in some states than others

About half of states let people request or view their immunization records online, but others rely on fax or mail or leave it to health care providers.

NBC News

A Federal Court Said the Americans with Disabilities Act Covers Gender Dysphoria

A federal appeals court has ruled that a prison violated the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) by denying an incarcerated trans woman access to transition-related care and properly gendered facilities. This makes the Fourth Circuit the first appeals court to find that the ADA must protect against discrimination towards people with gender dysphoria, according to the National Law Journal.

Teen Vogue

Americans may soon have to pay for COVID vaccines themselves rather than getting them for free

The U.S. government is planning to stop paying for COVID-19 vaccines and treatments, and shift the bill onto the health care industry and eventually the consumer—possibly making it one of the first countries to end the practice of giving out coronavirus vaccines for free.


Hundreds of Americans a week are seeking abortion help from Mexico – and most of them want a safe hand-off of abortion drugs at the border

Fifteen years ago, abortion was a crime in Mexico. In 2021, the Mexican Supreme Court challenged the ruling, stating that abortion would no longer be criminalized. In states like Mexico City and Oaxaca, abortion is legal. Now, Mexican advocates told Insider that Americans are crossing the border for support that is difficult to find – or illegal – in some US states.

Business Insider

Would you rip up your lawn for $6 a square foot? Welcome to drought-stricken California

Keeping front lawn grass alive requires up to 75% of just one household’s water consumption, according to the study, which is a luxury California is quickly becoming unable to afford as the climate change-driven drought pushes reservoirs to historic lows.


Commentary: Texas has always been tough on women. It’s worse now.

The United Nations Commission on Human Rights considers any nation’s abortion law that excludes rape a form of torture because it denies victims closure and healing. Texas now exerts that torture on women, its 61 percent male legislature blind to the astonishing number of rapes here. You might expect a high-population state to have more rapes, but when figured per 100,000 citizens, Texas still ranks high with 13,000 forcible rapes in 2020, according to the Texas Department of Safety. Most victims were white, college-educated women whose trust of a so-called friend or acquaintance was brutally betrayed.

Austin American Statesman

Why Democrats are regaining momentum

This summer, high temperature records were shattered across the United States; wildfires burned millions of acres from Oklahoma to Alaska; droughts ravaged Western states, and floods devastated Appalachia. These disasters contributed to a sense of urgency that helped Democrats pass a boatload of bills, including the most sweeping climate change legislation in American history. In the run up to the midterm elections they have regained some momentum.

The Hill

Undocumented people struggle to access reproductive care due to militarization of Arizona borderlands

BIPOC communities living in border states like Arizona have for long been familiar with the anxiety triggered by hostile policies that target their livelihoods

Prism Reports

Graham gets a temporary reprieve from an order to testify before a grand jury

The 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals said Sunday it wanted both sides to argue what areas of questioning would be appropriate for a sitting U.S. senator. Graham has said his position protects him from having to testify.


There’s a Huge Divide Among Democrats Over How Hard to Campaign for Democracy

Democratic leaders and voters say they care about protecting democracy, but it’s not driving their behavior in the midterms.


In Texas, resentment builds as border crackdown ensnares local drivers

NBC News data analysis shows big jumps in citations in Latino-heavy border counties where troops have been deployed.

NBC News

Cheney says she’ll work to keep election deniers out of office

“I’m going to be very focused on working to ensure that we do everything we can not to elect election deniers,” she said during a discussion of her future on ABC’s “This Week.”

The Hill

Daughter of Russian ideologue killed in suspected car bomb attack

The daughter of an ultra-nationalist Russian ideologue who advocates Russia absorbing Ukraine was killed in a suspected car bomb attack outside Moscow, Russian state investigators said on Sunday.


Mexican court issues 83 arrest warrants related to the disappearance of 43 students

A court in Mexico on Friday ordered the arrest warrants of 83 people allegedly involved in the 2014 disappearance of 43 students, the prosecutor’s office said in a statement.


Stop blaming Western colonialism for problems elsewhere – it ignores history

These accusations imply that Muslim history essentially did not exist before colonialism


In pictures: Drought in Europe exposes sunken ships, lost villages and ominous ‘hunger stones’

Rivers and lakes have dried, causing major problems for shipping and other vessels. The receding water levels have also revealed some usually-buried treasures.


‘They said it was impossible’: how medieval carpenters are rebuilding Notre Dame

Project leaders at Guédelon Castle tell howtheir woodwork savoir faire is proving a godsend for mission to restore Paris cathedral roof

The Guardian

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