The Slumber Party Massacre Night Thread (08/21)

Girls just wanna have fun…..until their fun is interrupted by an escaped maniac that uses a giant drill to kill and maim his victims.

The Slumber Party Massacre is celebrating its 40th Anniversary and will officially ring in the milestone on September 10, the date of its initial release.

This underrated gem was recommended to me by my friend Mallory a few years and I enjoyed it immensely, so much so, I have rewatched it on numerous occasions. This film was shown at the Mahoning Drive In and the print was bad – it gave off a brownish quality when shown on the big screen.

SyFy Channel remade it not too long ago (2021) and I haven’t seen it yet, but I’d like to because I’d like to see how it stacks up against the original.

The original spawned two sequels, one released in 1987 and the other in 1990.

Trivia – Did you know – The original first draft of the script was called “Don’t Open The Door”?

Something To Discuss – Did you ever attend a slumber party or sleep over growing up? What activities did you take part in and which movies did you watch (if any) ?

If you haven’t seen this one before, its free to stream on Tubi and/or Pluto.