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The Oak Creek Temple Shooting Forever Changed America’s Sikh Communities

On August 5, 2012, a white supremacist gunman stormed the Sikh Temple of Wisconsin in the town of Oak Creek, opening fire on worshippers preparing for Sunday morning services. Six people lost their lives that day; a seventh was severely paralyzed and, in 2020, passed away from his injuries. A responding police officer was shot 15 times and survived with medical complications. And the lives of members of Sikh communities in Milwaukee and across the United States were changed forever. 

Teen Vogue

Lindsey Graham Would Like States to Decide If LGBTQ People Count as Fully Human

“If you’re going to ask me to have the federal government take over defining marriage, I’m going to say no,” the Republican senator said

Rolling Stone

Senate Republicans strip $35 insulin cap for individuals with private insurance from Democratic-led climate and health bill

Senate Republicans on Sunday successfully removed a $35 monthly price cap on insulin for many patients as part of the Democratic-led climate, health, and tax reconciliation bill making its way through the upper chamber.

Business Insider

Wisconsin Sen. Ron Johnson is poised to win Tuesday’s primary. His chances in November look rocky

The U.S. Senate race in Wisconsin is one of the most-watched midterms and could determine which party controls the upper chamber of Congress. The state’s primary is one of five being held Tuesday.

USA Today

Man who allegedly drove SUV through Native American parade in New Mexico accused of aggravated DWI

An SUV driver who on Thursday evening allegedly struck people along a parade route in Gallup, New Mexico, has been accused of aggravated DWI and other charges, according to the New Mexico State Police.


A Republican Lawmaker Said “Not Her Body, Not Her Choice” Before Indiana Passed A Near-Total Abortion Ban

“The body inside of the mom’s body is not her body,” Jacob said on Friday. “Let me repeat that: The body inside of the mom’s body is not her body. Not her body, not her choice.”

Buzzfeed News

Indiana Banned Almost All Abortions And Now Employers Are Scrambling To Get The Hell Out

The legislation will lead to troubling economic consequences for the state, and not just for those who have the misfortune of getting pregnant. On Saturday, pharmaceutical giant Eli Lilly, which is based in Indiana and employs 10,000 people there, announced in an official statement that they would very likely have to start looking elsewhere for the sake of their business.


The TB Vaccine Mysteriously Protects Against Lots of Things. Now We Know Why

In vaccinated babies, the BCG vaccine reprogrammed or ‘trained’ monocytes to be more responsive to pathogens in general, and this epigenetic signature was passed down to the next generation of monocytes for more than a year after vaccination.

Science Alert

Beneath the skin of our obsession with whiteness lie deeper fears about our place in the world

Whiteness is a condition that pleads to be given novelistic treatment and to be rendered through a Kafkaesque lens. It has become a kind of metaphor, a myth even, through which we project all manner of anxieties and fears about the world and our place in it. And this is true of all sides in the race debate. For racists, whiteness is an expression both of pride and of loss. An embodiment of a sense of superiority and specialness but also a rendering of a world that seems to be slipping away.

The Guardian

Don’t believe Trump and the GOP: Biden and the Democrats are winning

Despite what you may have heard, President Joe Biden is winning.

USA Today

Fact check: Can your childhood smallpox vaccine protect against monkeypox?

The short answer is yes. According to the CDC, monkeypox is closely related to the virus that causes smallpox. Both the CDC and the WHO have published data showing that the smallpox vaccine is 85% effective in preventing monkeypox infection.

Charlotte Observer

Colonial Williamsburg tells the story of early American settlers. But in 1956 it paved over Black history to make a parking lot

Beneath the asphalt parking lot of America’s largest living history museum, gravesites linked to one of the nation’s oldest Black churches remained hidden for decades until last year.


One of the biggest textbook publishers is tired of not making any money when you buy a used textbook — and wants to explore using NFTs to get a cut

Andy Bird, CEO of Pearson, one of the biggest textbook publishers, recently said he’s looking at the blockchain and NFTs as a potential way to give the company part of the sales of secondhand textbooks.


Republicans have long feuded with the mainstream media. Now many are shutting them out

The phenomenon is impossible to quantify, but many Republican candidates are showing that they don’t want – or need – to get their messages out via legacy media outlets. That can reduce the scrutiny they face while running for public office, hampering voters’ ability to make informed choices.


Undocumented Workers Feed Us. However You Feel About Immigration, They Deserve Health Care.

Migrants kept the food supply chain moving during the pandemic. California providing them with basic medical coverage is the right thing to do.

Daily Beast

US library defunded after refusing to censor LGBTQ authors: ‘We will not ban the books’

A small-town library is at risk of shutting down after residents of Jamestown, Michigan, voted to defund it rather than tolerate certain LGBTQ+-themed books.

The Guardian

What’s next for Alex Jones? More defamation trials, more damages and, possibly, criminal charges

A jury in Austin, Texas, put a price on the defamatory behavior of  Infowars founder and host Alex Jones: more than $49 million in damages awarded to the parents of Jesse Lewis, 6, who was among the 20 first graders and six educators killed in the shootings in 2012 at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut.

USA Today

Texas cities say streaming giants Disney, Hulu and Netflix owe them millions of dollars in unpaid fees

As people have cut cable subscriptions in favor of streaming services over the years, Texas cities say they have lost out on revenue from franchise fees they claim are owed by streaming giants like Disney, Hulu and Netflix.

Texas Tribune

President Joe Biden Signs Second Executive Order Protecting Access to Abortion

President Joe Biden has signed his second executive order to protect access to reproductive healthcare services in response to the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade.


The Hot New Strategy for Unseating Trump Republicans: Don’t Make It About Trump

Rising progressive star Mandela Barnes is learning from Democrats’ past mistakes as he aims to take down Sen. Ron Johnson in Wisconsin

Rolling Stone

The U.S. Deports Children of Documented Immigrants—My Parents Learned This the Hard Way

Long waits for green cards mean thousands of children of documented immigrants face deportation once they turn 21 if their parents haven’t yet received permanent resident status. One family shares their story.


The Secret History of Family Separation

As a therapist for children who are being processed through the American immigration system, Cynthia Quintana has a routine that she repeats each time she meets a new patient in her office in Grand Rapids, Michigan: She calls the parents or closest relatives to let them know the child is safe and well cared for, and provides 24-hour contact information.

The Atlantic

Vulnerable Democrats seek cover on Title 42

Vulnerable Democrats in the early hours of Sunday sought cover on preserving Title 42, the Trump-era health order that prevents migrants from entering the country on asylum claims.

The Hill

How to Fight for Abortion Rights Right Now, From Volunteering to Fundraising

In this op-ed, a former congresswoman and founder of HER Time shares resources on fighting for reproductive rights.

Teen Vogue

Colombia: Gustavo Petro sworn in as first leftist president

Colombia’s first leftist president, ex-guerrilla Gustavo Petro, has been inaugurated in Bogota. He aims to curb rampant inequality in the Latin American country.

Deutsche Welle

Israel and Palestinian militants declare Gaza truce

Israel and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad militant group declared a truce late on Sunday, raising hopes of an end to the most serious flare-up on the Gaza frontier in more than a year.


‘Scream for Me, Africa!’: How the continent is reinventing heavy metal music

You probably haven’t heard of these names, but they’re just some of the many African heavy metal bands featured in Edward Banchs’ new book, Scream for Me, Africa! Heavy Metal Identities in Post-Colonial Africa. The book examines the hard rock and metal scenes in Botswana, Kenya, Ghana, South Africa and Togo to understand why artists and fans flock to this extreme subculture — and how bands have turned this predominantly white, Western musical genre into something uniquely African.


North Korea offering 100,000 troops to help defeat Ukraine, Russian state media says

North Korea has offered 100,000 “volunteer” troops to the Kremlin to help Russia win the war against Ukraine, according to Russian state media.

Business Insider

Angry Dutch farmers vow to cause more protest chaos than ever

Dutch farmers have vowed to cause chaos in the country with their “hardest demonstrations ever” after talks over government climate change targets ended in deadlock.

New Zealand Herald

‘They beat girls just for smiling’: life in Afghanistan one year after the Taliban’s return

Women face harsher restrictions here than anywhere else in the world, barred from secondary education and most work outside healthcare and education. They are forced to be accompanied by a male guardian for all but short journeys and required to cover their faces in public.

The Guardian

Cuba: Fire, explosions at fuel depot leave one dead, dozens injured

Cuban firefighters are trying to quell an out-of-control blaze at an oil storage tank that was sparked by an overnight lightning strike. The accident comes as the island struggles with fuel shortages and daily blackouts.

Deutsche Welle

After raging at US and Japan over Pelosi’s Taiwan visit, China faces dilemma: escalate further or court its neighbours?

China’s response to Nancy Pelosi’s Taiwan visit – including a display of military force and angry attacks on Japan and the United States – has upped the ante diplomatically, but now faces a dilemma over whether to escalate things further or work to keep its other neighbours onside.

South China Morning Post