The Night Thread Has Been Purchased by Warner Bros. Discovery

Exciting news, everyone! The Avocado has been acquired by Warner Bros. Discovery as part of a thrilling new merger. We are stoked beyond words to bring you all the best shit-posting content possible, in a way that will rock the world of shit-posting.

Effective immediately, Ad Space is cancelled.

Effective immediately, Late to the Party is cancelled.

Effective immediately, Spoil Sports is cancelled.

The Avocado is going to be a MAJOR SHIT-POSTING FORCE going forward, in a way that our competition can only dream of. There will be a ton of material that appeals to both genders, making The Avocado great for everyone…

Futurama reviews
Box office reports
Animation Time
Tolerable Discussions
Strip Club
HBO Max discussions

The Nature Thread
The Pet Thread
Weekend Reading
Anything about arts and crafts
Discovery+ discussions

We can’t wait to make The Avocado THE NUMBER ONE SHIT-POSTING SENSATION on the internet! We are open to all suggestions, except for those that complain about the stuff we’re cancelling, because you guys just aren’t on board for the future, so fuck you. Our cancellation of Ad Space has nothing to do with the cast members of that Folgers commercial you all made incest jokes about last Christmas, by the way. The Avocado stands by that brother and sister and the great performances they gave. From now on, though, anything related to ad discussion must be centered around theatrical trailers.

Have a great night, Avocados! At least until we cancel the night threads. Really, one OT a day would be more than enough.