A Werewolf Game About Nothing, Season 2: Sign-ups


Recap of the previous Seinfeld game
(Fade up in a courtroom. All the characters are here.)

PROSECUTOR: Your honor, at this time, I call Cop of the Edge-ish to the stand.

BAILIFF: Raise your right hand.

COP: Cop swears to tell the truth. Cop always tells the truth.

PROSECUTOR: You are accused of the murders of J. Peterman, Jerry Seinfeld, George Costanza —

GEORGE: Twice!

PROSECUTOR: Yes, George Costanza twice, and Orville Peck. How do you plead?

COP: Cop did it. Cop murdered them all. BUT! Cop is not the only murderer here!


COP: (stands dramatically) The other killer is — (points into the crowd) — Patrick Stickles!

(A bead of sweat trickles down Patrick’s forehead.)

PATRICK STICKLES: I was in the pool! (he tries to flee the courtroom, but is tackled by the bailiff, who drags him away) I was in the pooooooool!

Side Character (Patrick Stickles) has died. He was the Shrinkage Wolf.

(Sitting in the front row, Smoove and Willow Rosenberg look at each other.)

SMOOVE: Girl, I guess we win?

WILLOW: Yeah, kind of anti-climactic. But so was the Seinfeld finale, so I guess it fits.

*funky bass*


Welcome to Werewolf 186: Seinfeld, Season 2. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.


  1. Marlowe
  2. MSD
  3. Owen
  4. Spooky
  5. Chum
  6. Josephus
  7. Dourif
  8. Narrowstrife
  9. Ralph
  10. Lindsay
  11. forever1267
  12. emmelemm
  13. Queequeg
  14. Cork
  15. Side Character
  16. Raven
  17. Sic
  18. Lamb
  19. Abby
  20. Copywight
  21. Louie


  1. Jake
  2. Moonster
Wins the game when the wolves and independent roles are sent to Del Boca Vista (the graveyard).

JERRY SEINFELD – Jerry is an observational comedian. Each night he “observes” a player to learn their alignment. Jerry can detect Tim Whatley and the wolves (except Uncle Leo). Bubble Boy and the Mystery ??? Role detect as Town.

ELAINE BENES – Elaine is a dognapper. Each night she steals a player, protecting them from kills and blocking any actions they have. Cannot target herself. Cannot target the same player on consecutive nights.

SUSAN ROSS – George and Susan share a Discord chat channel. The first time either George or Susan is killed, only Susan dies. (NOTE: After Susan dies, George officially becomes Vanilla for the purposes of Bubble Boy’s win condition.)

COSMO KRAMER – Can drop a giant ball of oil on someone (1-shot Vigilante). If Kramer is blocked, the shot is not spent. If the ball of oil is dropped on Bubble Boy, Kramer is killed instead. (NOTE: After Kramer’s shot is spent, he officially becomes Vanilla for the purposes of Bubble Boy’s win condition.)


Wins the game when there are no independent roles and the number of wolf players equals the number of Town players.

JACK KLAMPUS – Role blocker. Cannot block the same player on consecutive nights.

UNCLE LEO – Undetectable wolf. Hello!

KEITH HERNANDEZ – Vanilla wolf.

MULVA – Vanilla wolf.

Independent Roles
TIM WHATLEY – Serial Killer. Wins the game when all anti-dentites (other players) are dead.

BUBBLE BOY – If the Bubble Boy is the final roled player in the game (e.g., the only players left alive are Bubble Boy and those that have “Vanilla” in their role description), the game immediately ends and BB wins by himself. Moops!

-No quoting or screencapping from Discord.
-You cannot edit any of your posts. The mod will know!
-Wolf and SK night kill actions are mandatory. Vig kills are optional.
-A tie vote at Twilight results in RNG amongst the tied players.
-Participation: You must make a minimum of three posts per day to avoid being replaced.
-Be nice: Attack arguments, not people.
-Night Action Order of Operations: Blocking > jailing > investigation > SK kill > optional Vig kill > Wolf kill.