The 40th Anniversary of My Birth Night Thread (June 22)

June 22 1982 is my birthday and I’m dedicating this Night Thread to all of the other Avocados that celebrate their birthdays today, as well as, the rest of the June birthdays.

Thanks for taking the time to tell me “What Did You Learn Today?”

Thanks for putting up with my smartass comments and for the times I was wrong and had to apologize for my immature buffoonish nature. Even though I may think I’m Superman, I’m still human and make mistakes. So thanks for that.

Thank you for also lifting me up when I need advice or a friendly chat.

To the friendships I have made at the Old Country, the AVCAD and here, I thank you for your kindness and love.

I hope that I have inspired you in some way or another and have helped you through a time you were down and out. At the very least, I hope I made you laugh or crack a smile.


Have an amazing evening and thanks to everyone that makes this place so special.