A Celebration of Queer Artists

Every year for Aromantic Awareness week (the week after Valentine’s Day) I like to post something to this community to celebrate Aromantic Pride. I missed this year’s though so I wanted to do something for Pride Month instead!

Also for anyone following my Friday PT Headers closely you will notice that every week for a few months now I have been highlighting a Trans Artist I really like. This year I wanted to (especially after Headphone Princess’s amazing Black Women Making Music project) do a major post highlighting 31 Queer Artists (mostly musicians) that I really admire. Please join me every day this month probably around 3 Pacific for a new artist shoutout! I hope you will have as much fun reading and listening to it as I had making and listening to it. Also At the end of the month I’ll compile all 31 artists into a spotify playlist and share that here too for a quick and easy way to hear everyone all at once!

Happy Pride!!!!!