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Black Women Making Music

Hello! Last year I timidly started posting in the PT (my home here at the Avocado) a kind of tribute to Black American women musicians. Every day, I picked a song and an artist, and I wrote about them. It was never meant to be a countdown. It was not necessarily who I thought was ‘deserving’ of being highlighted or discussed. It’s just me, a person who has kept music at the center of my world for decades, reflecting on the Black musicians who have meant the most to me in my life. I don’t think too much about critical acclaim, about ‘high art’ like jazz or what many people might consider disposable, like pop music-I just like music. I find, time and again, thinking and reading about the history and status of Black women musicians in the US, that there is so much heartbreak, so much disrespect, so much erasure, and it makes me sad. So this was my way of pushing back, a little blinking star in a universe of the internet.

So this year I gamely started again, and I have been deeply, deeply moved by the enthusiasm for the music I’ve posted, and for what I’ve written in my efforts to center these incredible women. Some folks asked if I might make a separate place to read and hopefully talk about the music and maybe what I’ve said about that music, and I’ve decided to step forward. I’ve never done anything like this before!

What I plan to do is first post the daily posts that I’ve done so far for this month, and then at 7pm CST every day, post a new Black woman to celebrate and think about. I hope this is a celebration of their work and a chance to pay some respect to their hustle.