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Omicron is trouncing the argument for “natural immunity” to COVID

Bad news if you’re unvaccinated and think you have strong protection after omicron.

Ars Technica

What it means to ‘look like a woman’ when you’re trans: ‘You can be feminine and strong’

“One has to ask themselves: What is the definition of femininity? In many ways, it’s a social construct,” Kara Corcoran, a U.S. Army battalion executive officer and extreme athlete who shares videos of herself doing high-altitude marathons, weight lifting and mountain biking, tells Yahoo Life. But it doesn’t mean it’s one that’s easy to reject, or that squaring bulging muscles with feeling feminine is a simple task. “I would be lying if I didn’t say I wish I had a smaller waist, a bigger chest, I wish I was slimmer in this area or that,” she says. “I would say I’m just like every other girl that way.”


Myths About Muslim Women Debunked

We’re proudly partnering with to celebrate Muslim Women’s Day on March 27 by centering the voices of Muslim women online. Since this Muslim Women’s Day comes just before the start of Ramadan, Azmia Ricchuito writes about myths that persist about Muslim women, and the truth about them.

Teen Vogue

Biden stated the obvious: Putin must not remain in power, free to destroy Ukraine

Biden’s sentence was a beacon of clarity that pierced the Ukraine nightmare. Did he mean to say it? Unclear. Did he mean what he said? Of course.

USA Today

Why Biden hasn’t scored a political win from canceling $17 billion in student loans

Joe Biden has canceled more student loan debt than any other President — a notable fact that’s flown under the radar.


U.S. Senator McConnell asks FERC to kill climate rule for pipelines

Senate Minority leader Mitch McConnell called on federal regulators to kill new requirements to consider the greenhouse gas emissions of natural gas pipelines before approving construction, saying the rule hinders gas exports to Europe at time that European allies need it most.


Teachers across the country are demanding better pay and support

Underfunded schools aren’t because of a shortage of government money, unions say.


The librarians uniting to battle school book ban laws

“We felt that a different image needed to be portrayed of librarians…And so we really wanted a positive message to go out about our work and to shed light on what was going on in Texas,” Carolyn Foote, a Texas librarian and co-founder of FReadom Fighters, told ABC News.

Good Morning America

Human trials to begin on new male birth control pill with 99% efficacy, study shows

Researchers found a male birth control pill was 99 per cent effective in preventing pregnancy and dramatically reduced sperm counts without any observable side effects, in early testing on male mice.

Toronto Star

Adam Shakoor, first Muslim U.S. judge and Rosa Parks lawyer, dies at 74

Adam Shakoor served as Rosa Parks’ personal lawyer in Detroit until her death in 2005

The Grio

Justice Thomas discharged from hospital a week after being admitted for flu-like symptoms

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas has been discharged from a Washington, D.C.-area hospital a week after being admitted for flu-like symptoms, NBC News reports Friday, per the court.

The Week

‘Absurd’ 100-year-old ban on teaching jazz music in New Orleans public schools finally to be lifted

The rule has largely been overlooked over the years, but the school board recognized the importance of officially removing it from the system.

NBC News

Reports of antisemitism in Wisconsin remain near record-high levels in ‘troubling trend’

Reports of antisemitic incidents to Milwaukee’s Jewish Community Relations Council remained near record-high levels in 2021, the council’s annual audit found.

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

The Supreme Court’s Clarence and Ginni Thomas Scandal Is Unprecedented

Justice Clarence Thomas voted to block the public from knowing more about his wife Virginia Thomas’s role in the January insurrection. It’s a crisis

Rolling Stone

Opinion: Putin Shows Us Where GOP’s Hateful Rule Will Take Us If We Don’t Defend LGBTQ Rights

While one headline characterized Putin’s words as a “rant,” suggesting something wild or off-kilter about his comments, we should recognize that these supposedly crazy ramblings of an out-of-control murderous tyrant actually pass for mainstream talking points in the U.S. Republican Party.


Biden to propose minimum tax on billionaires as part of 2023 budget

U.S. President Joe Biden will propose a minimum tax on billionaires as part of the fiscal 2023 budget that is expected to be unveiled on Monday, a document released by the White House showed.


Full transcript of President Biden’s speech in Warsaw on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine

“It’s from the darkness moments that the greatest progress follows.”

ABC News

Newsom appoints California’s first openly transgender judge to serve in Sacramento court

Sacramento resident Andi Mudryk has become the first openly transgender person appointed to the judicial bench in California, and she will serve in Sacramento County Superior Court.

Sacramento Bee

Marjorie Taylor Greene, a Professional Bigot, Tells Pete Buttigieg Stay Out of Girls’ Bathrooms

The contender for most-bigoted member on Congress used her time at a Trump rally to get weird about the Transportation Secretary and personally attack a college student

Rolling Stone

Black women feel sting of ‘traumatizing’ Jackson hearings

“Senator,” she said, letting out an audible sigh.

In that singular moment, Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson spoke for countless Black women who have had to gather all the patience, strength and grace within to answer insinuating questions about their credentials, qualifications and character.

AP News

Republican Attacks on Ketanji Brown Jackson Rely on Familiar Racist Tropes

This op-ed argues that the attacks against Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson mirror those used against Justice Sonia Sotomayor.

Teen Vogue

Supreme Court ruling on Wisconsin legislative map puts voting rights advocates on high alert

Further limits on the Voting Rights Act “could in practice narrow it out of existence,” said one advocate.

NBC News

More than just a man in an olive green tee

There’s the Russian Goliath and the Ukrainian David, and Zelensky’s clothing choices have become a symbol of the strength and patriotism of a country under fire, writes Vanessa Friedman

The Independent

NATO, explained: Why the alliance was formed — and what it’s doing for Ukraine

Here’s a quick overview of the alliance, the role that the United States plays within it, and what it’s doing to help Ukraine amid Russia’s invasion.


What the acquittal of a police officer over an Indigenous teenager’s death shows about Australia’s deep race divide

White police officer Constable Zachary Rolfe had just been acquitted of murder in the killing of 19-year-old Kumanjayi Walker, who Rolfe shot three times after Walker stabbed him during his attempted arrest in Yuendumu, a remote Aboriginal community in the Northern Territory.


In Italy, a Mayor Who Stood Up for Refugees Faces 13 Years in Jail

Mimmo Lucano made the southern Italian town of Riace into a model of refugee integration — only to become the target of politically motivated criminal charges. His legal appeal, launched this week, will decide if he has to spend 13 years behind bars.

Jacobin Magazine

On the front line: The volunteers defending Kyiv

When Russia launched its war on Ukraine, hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians volunteered to fight. They say they want to defend their freedom. Many have been deployed around Kyiv.

Deutsche Welle

Xi’s gamble on Putin may be the most dangerous and short-sighted of his nine years in power

It becomes clearer every day that Chinese President Xi Jinping’s decision to double-down on his “no limits” strategic bromance with Russian President Vladimir Putin, just days before the Russian dictator launched his war in Ukraine, marks the most dangerous and short-sighted gamble of his nine years in power.


Reports of Russians deporting Ukrainians to camps troubles Stalin survivors

“We lost everything and had to start over again,” one Stalin survivor said. “I’m afraid many of these Ukrainians will have to, as well.”

NBC News