Werewolf 178: Back to the Future 3 – Signups

After a half-hour of convoluted table-setting and scientific gobbledygook, you find yourself in the frontier settlement of Hill Valley, circa 1885. The wild west! The town is mostly just a saloon with some tents, and the under construction courthouse and clock tower.

This will be another role draft Pick Your Power game, where you can choose your own role. The available roles aren’t set yet, it depends on how many players we get (of course there will be a Fruit Vendor as well as some fun ones we haven’t tried before).

Once the game is full and I set the alignments and everybody’s checked in on discord, we’ll start the draft. Each player privately sends me a number 1-100 that will determine which order they get to pick (lowest unique numbers pick first, followed by lowest duplicate numbers, etc). The number you choose and the draft order are all public. If a player tries to pick a role that has already been taken by someone earlier in the draft, they end up Vanilla. Any role can be picked by Wolves or Town. Wolves can coordinate on the numbers they pick and the roles they try for.


  • We’re using Discord for private communication, wolf chat / graveyard, etc. If you’re not on there yet I’ll give you an invite link.
  • I’ll be running my usual vote spreadsheet for the game.
  • To start with, days will be roughly 36 hours and nights roughly 12 hours.


5 Wolves / 15 Town

Like with the other role draft games I’ve run, there are pairs of roles, and only one of each pair can be in the game. The available roles are:

  • 1-Shot Gunslinger —or— Caroler
    • Gunslinger: Once per game, they can publicly announce that they are challenging a specific player to a duel. All votes are reset, and only the gunslinger and their target are eligible to be voted for the rest of the day. Can’t be used within an hour of twilight.
    • Caroler: May visit a player each night and sing them a carol. The carol will include 4 random names, at least one of which is a wolf. However, if the target is busy performing their own night action, they won’t be home to hear the carol. The Caroler won’t know which names were in the carol or whether it was heard. Non-consecutive.
  • Bomb —or— 1-Shot Paranoid Gun Owner (PGO)
    • Bomb: Passive action. If the Bomb is killed at night, whoever killed them dies as well.
    • PGO: On a night of their choosing, the PGO can arm themselves. On that night, everyone who targets the PGO will be killed.
  • 1-Shot Pacifier —or— 1-Shot Trapper
    • Pacifier: On a night of their choosing, they can prevent all kills.
    • Trapper: On a night of their choosing, they can set a trap on a player. If the chosen player is visited by anyone else that night, one of the visitors will be killed by the trap (randomly if there are multiple). Doesn’t block any actions, and is not used up if the nobody steps in the trap. Non-consecutive.
  • 1-Shot Commuter —or— Watcher
    • Commuter: One a night of their choosing, they can leave town. They’ll be immune from any night actions that night.
    • Watcher: May watch a player each night and learn the names of all the players that visit the targeted player that night, but not what action was used. Non-consecutive.
  • Doctor —or— Roleblocker
    • Doctor: May target a player each night to protect from one night kill. Can’t self-target. Non-consecutive.
    • Roleblocker: May target a player each night to prevent them from performing a night action. Can’t block passive actions. Non-consecutive.
  • Backup —or— Role Cop
    • Backup: Inherits the role of the first roled player that dies.
    • Role Cop: May target a player each night to learn that player’s role (but not alignment).
  • Neighborizer —or— Fruit Vendor
    • Neighborizer: May target a player each night to invite to their Neighborhood (private chat).
    • Fruit Vendor: May target a player each night to give them a piece of fruit. The fruit does nothing.
  • Jailer —or— Tracker
    • Jailer: May target a player each night to jail. Blocks all incoming night actions as well as any action the jailed player tries to perform. Can’t self-target. Non-consecutive.
    • Tracker: May track a player’s movements each night and learn who, if anyone, that player used a night action on (but not what the action is). Non-consecutive.
  • Asshole —or— 1-Shot Puppet Master
    • Asshole: May target a player each night to hide behind. If anyone attempts to kill the Asshole, the player they’re hiding behind will die instead. If anyone kills the player they’re hiding behind, both they and the Asshole will die. Non-consecutive..
    • Puppet Master: On one night of their choosing, they can transfer one player’s night action, if they use one, to another player. (For example, if they happen to target the Tracker and transfer it to Player B, then Player B will receive the Tracker’s results that night)
  • Motion Detector —or— “Friendly” Neighbor
    • Motion Detector: May target a player each night and learn if any actions were performed by OR on that player, but not what the actions were or who else was involved.
    • “Friendly” Neighbor: May target a player each night, starting Night 0, to reveal their role to.
  • Night 2 Vigilante —or— 1-Shot Arms Dealer
    • Vigilante: On Night 2, may choose a player to kill.
    • Arms Dealer: On one night of their choosing, they can target a player and turn them into a vigilante for the night, making the target kill whoever they use their regular night action on, if they use one. Not used up if the target doesn’t do anything that night. Non-consecutive.
  • 1-Shot Vanilla-iser —or— Neapolitan
    • Vanilla-iser: On one night of their choosing, they can target a player and turn them Vanilla. The target loses any role that they previously had, if any.
    • Neapolitan: May target a player each night and learn if that player is Vanilla.


  1. Mac
  2. April
  3. MSD
  4. Side
  5. Dourif
  6. Adam
  7. Tiff
  8. Hoho
  9. Cork
  10. Copywight
  11. Emm
  12. Indy
  13. Queequeg
  14. Shipwreck
  15. Goat
  16. Chum
  17. ByCracky
  18. Josephus
  19. Marlowe
  20. Ralph


  1. Grumproro
  2. Jake


  • Raven
  • Forever

If you’re a curious bystander who’s read down this far and is wondering what this is all about: Hello! Here’s some info on how the game generally works: https://the-avocado.org/2021/04/29/the-werewolf-den-part-4/

Feel free to join us!