Weekly Video Games Thread (Double) Jumps into Action

Happy Monday, all, and welcome to the Weekly Video Games Thread!

Today’s prompt, in honor of Elden Ring‘s bizarrely and wonderfully agile ghost horse Torrent, is about the double jump. You know, it’s fascinating how the very act of jumping, something that’s fairly nondescript for most of us, is such a central aspect of gaming. Makes sense when you think about it as a way to explore vertical space. But what’s crazier than a powerful jump is a second, midair follow-up. The act of double jumping can be truly incredible, as it potentially adds an entirely new element to the platforming.

Plenty of characters have double jumps: Bayonetta, Dante, Banjo & Kazooie, Kratos. You’ve also got Kirby, with his theoretically endless “double” jumps. And then there are also the “ersatz” double jumps, the ones that are hidden in another mechanic. Super Mario Galaxy has the offensive “Spin Jump;” Kingdom Hearts II has the “Aerial Dodge.” And then you have other spins on the idea, like jumping on a foe in DuckTales or getting another dash in Celeste with a gem.

So, what are some of your favorite double jumps? What are your favorite ways to stay in the air? And are there any systems for midair movement that you’d like to see in a game?