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Health and Fitness Thread: 1 March 2022

Hey folks! Here again is a space for people to talk about how you’re keeping active, plans to do so, or other matters related to all manners of health and fitness.

Topical detour: I don’t know how things are going down in your neck of the woods, but my gym—our local YMCA—officially made masks optional yesterday morning partially in response to the CDC and Michigan Health Department recommendations. I have mixed feelings about this; I’ve actually found it far less onerous than expected to wear a mask while working out (and still wear it outside more often than not largely because it tends to be freezing or windy), but I won’t deny it would be nice to have one less sphere of activity in which to worry about it, especially if I want to get more serious about this (as, to be sure, is the plan; triple-vaxxed with no dependents, for the record). Wondering if similar doings are afoot where y’all are and if so how y’all feel.

Meantime, how are y’all keeping active?